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Jennifer Aniston- Brad Pitt To Star In A Film Based On Their ‘Love Story And Split’?

New reports are pouring in that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt may star together in a film together. The concept of the film is based on a love story and split and after hearing this news fans cannot hold their excitement. The ex-couple will reportedly star together even when they had an ugly breakup in real life. Unfortunately, when the media got deeper to know what is happening inside they found out that the news may not bet true. So what is happening let’s get into more details?

Updates on the movie of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are one of the most loved couples in Hollywood. When their divorce happened a lot of people were shocked and they couldn’t stop talking about it. The couple has been a topic of discussion in almost all the tabloids and suddenly there is news about their new movie together. There was news that ex-couple are considering to come back together in a movie. However, things are obvious that if they work together it will open up the old wounds and may not be suitable to act together.

Brad Pitt has been insisting on doing the film as he feels that it will be successful. He also owns a production company with the name of Plan B Entertainment together. According to the Gossip, Cop news is coming in that it is not true .If the news was actually true it must have been covered by every section of the media. It has been a year now and it was only Star that came out with this article. Other sections of the media seem to be totally clueless about it. The news has been cleared as of now that they won’t be staring together in the film together. We can only hope that your favorite stars can make a comeback as couples together.

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Why Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have a breakup?

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have always been a lovey-dovey couple for a long time. Suddenly there were reports of them breaking up which shocked one and all. People were interested to know what could be the actual reason behind it. They both got married in 2000 but later parted ways in 2005. According to the buzz during that time Brad Pitt was cheating on Jennifer and having a secret relationship with Angelina Jolie. They both denied the news but it was already spread wide in the media. Jennifer explained the media that relationships can be very complicated and you have to nurture them but it doesn’t mean that it will work.

She admitted that she has been very lonely and sad but it is better to move on rather than taking pain all the time. There was no concrete response from Brad Pitt but when news of him and Angelina Jolie’s wedding made headlines everyone was sure what was happening. Relationships go through ups and downs but there are only a few relationships that can last forever. The relationship between Jennifer and Brad is also quite entertaining and sometime back there was news of reunion as well. Brad seems to have problems with Angelina too and it seems that he is the bad man in every relationship.

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