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James Corden Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Relationships & More

James Corden is a popular English actor, comedian, writer, producer, and presenter. He has gained a lot of fame due to his hard work and talent. In a short time he has become one of the most prominent faces in the industry. James got recognized in the UK at first but his success reached all across the globe. When he became the host of the late night show he became the heartbeat of nation. He shows his flexibility and diversity as an actor and has excelled in films and TV shows both.

Early Life & Bio

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James Corden was born on the 22nd of August in 1978. Even though he was born in London he grew up in the village of Hazelmere. His parents worked hard to feed the family. His mother was a social worker while father was a musician. It seems that talent runs in his blood and since his young age he was into music and movies. After completing his studies he ventured to acting at the age of 18. Apart from that he also tried his luck in hosting.

Mainstream Success & Awards

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Corden started his career by getting into acting and slowly began to rise in popularity by 2000. The show Fat Friends gave him much needed fame. It also helped him get a nomination at the Royal Television Society Award. The history boys was another feather in his cap that boosted his reputation. James was moving towards the ladder of success and Gavin and Stacey was another milestone. He co-wrote the sitcom that achieved high ratings from critics too. The actor also won prestigious BAFTA for Best Male Comedy Performer. He also won a similar award at British Comedy Awards.

The Late Night Show

Corden got in touch with all the international audiences due to the late night show. He was replaced by Craig Ferguson. In a short time he got a lot of praise from media. During this time he also received multiple Emmy nominations. However with continuous hosting he got bored and left the show. Some people believe that there have been some issues with the makers but nothing is concrete. Many of his fans miss him as a host so let’s see when he surprises everyone again.

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Personal Life, Marriage & Kids

James Corden got married to Julia Carey since 2012. The couple has been love since then and they met through a common friend. James friend and fellow actor Dominic Copper helped them meet. In 2011 the couple welcomed their first son. Apart from that they have two lovely daughters. After becoming a famous host for the late night show his family moved to Los Angeles with him.

Net Worth & Salary

The total net worth is estimated to be around $ 9 million. He was worked for many shows, movies and also hosted actively. With all these professions he has achieved this big net worth. While he was working for the late night show he received yearly salary of $4-$5 million. James purchased a mansion that is worth $10 million. Steve Leviton sold this mansion to them at a high price.

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