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Jair Bolsonaro Net Worth, Bio, Personal Relationships, Military &Political Career

Jair Bolsonaro is a Brazilian politician and he has gained a lot of fame among people in a short time. He has been elected as the President of Brazil and became an important officer in the military before getting retirement. Jair has also actively served the Chamber of Deputies as a representative of Rio de Janeiro. Being an authoritative figure he has great speaking skills and an impressive personality.

Many people might not know that his military career has been full of ups and downs. There are rumours that he has been planting and installing bombs while conspired with such people too. It is surprising that he even wrote a letter to the Brazilian Supreme Court and complained about the low wages that workers were given. He was acquitted of all the charges but got all the attention too. If you want to know more about this impressive person, look at the details below.

Bio and Early Life

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Jair was born on March 21st, 1965 in Sao Paulo. He was born and raised in an Italian and German heritage. During his childhood, he moved to many different places so it was difficult for him to get adjusted at school or even make friends. His family has lived in many different places that include Ribeira, Jundiaí, and Sete Barras and finally thought about setting in down in Eldorado. He has got five other brothers while he is close to one and all. You will also be surprised to know that he got his name through the famous football player Jair Da Rosa Pinto.

Net Worth and Personal Relationships

The total net worth of Jair happens to be around $500 thousandth has not given any details about his assets and there is no information about salary either. Jair has been married three times and has got five children in total. He got married to Rogeria Nantes, Ana Cristina Valle and his third wife Michelle de Paula Firmo Reinaldo. Jair has always been into many controversies throughout his life but he tried to upgrade his political career. His wife has also been working in politics and chosen as a secretary after getting multiple promotions.

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Military and Political career

When his high school education was complete Jair started preparing for the school of the Brazilian Army. He got his admission at the Officers Improvement School. If this isn’t enough he also started learning about advanced artillery techniques. He got a lot of attention in the army and his fellow friends also started to respect him a lot. It was during this time that he complained about the low salaries. As he was retiring from the military he moved his services to a political career. He joined the social liberal party and had a lot of conservative point of views. In 2019 he was appointed as a president but had to face a lot of issues due to COVID 19 and the rising cases. After some time he was also tested positive and had a long time to recover from the illness.

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