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iPhone 12 Release Date: Manufactured With Injection Moulding Technology, What Do We Expect?

Apple has made a lot of changes in the appearance and features of its iphone range and the biggest change they made is the camera. This year we are expecting to see a change in the battery. The change in features would probably be made with iphone 12 that is the next launch of Apple in the near future. We might see changes in the frame and appearance of the phone this time. There have been many reports and leaks about the changes Apple is going to make in their upcoming phones. The rumors state that Apple will be sticking with a glass back and a metal frame like before.

The metal design might change a bit but we will have to wait and watch to see the change in the design. Metal frame was used in iphone 4 and it was liked by the iphone lovers. The phone might be flat on the edges and round edges might not be a part of the design. There are a lot of rumors and speculations about the upcoming iphone 12 and we have gathered all the leaked information from here and there and gathered all of it here exclusively for you.

What can you expect from the iPhone 12?

Ming Chi Kuo who is a popular analyst of mobile phone has claimed that the iphone 12 will have a more complex design. The sapphire cover has also been a part of the discussion and we don’t know if that feature will be applicable or not. The phone will have a molding structure and this feature would make the phone less breakable. The phone might be a bit more expensive this time because it has all the added and upgraded design and features.

Injection Molding

iPhone 12 Release Date
iPhone 12 Release Date

As the Iphone is constructed using metal so there’s an introduction of a new method where molds are being injected into it. The best thing about this process is that it will reduce the negative impacts of metal which is a very strong material. The metal will usually give out a high level of frequency transmission which is transferred all through the phone.

The transmission reaches the internal antennas so there should be no signal transmission problems within this model. Some people were complaining about the Iphone 4 signal issues so the company has taken extra care to resolve this issue with the new models. The design of the iPhone 12 is very durable and strong.

You will see a beautiful sapphire cover on the top and it represents elegance in the true sense. The Sapphire will cover the frame at the front and the back and it will offer a sustainable and functional phone altogether. All these changes in the design and materials have increased the cost of manufacturing. The metal frame will cost 50 to 60 percent more than the usual iPhone. The cover-up cost will be around 40 to 50 percent more. The flat edges will look very modern and it will be able to beat out the rivals pretty soon.

iPhone 12 release date

For some time now Apple is not giving out any official information about when the new phone will be coming out. It’s just that people are making random speculations and there are many rumors coming out too. According to rumors Apple will be releasing 4 new phones in September 2020 which will be a lot better than the previous models. They will be having a lot more features and the screen size is estimated to be 5.4, 6.1, and 6.7 inches. We can’t wait to see the new approach of Apple!

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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