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Inside Man Episode 14 & 15 Release Date, Plot & Release Date

Inside Man is a Chinese drama series and it has got a very fast-paced story. The makers released the episodes without taking much time and if you like such a fast-paced show give this one a try. Inside Man is becoming quite popular in China as well as other countries and when the director analyzed the streaming website there has been a constant increase in the viewership. The drama episodes take a break only on the weekend while the rest of the days are meant to be fun. Today we will be discussing all the important details regarding the 14th and 15th episodes of Inside Man.

What can we expect to happen in the 14th and 15 episodes of Inside Man?

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The plot of Inside Man revolves around two brothers and how they have a different mindset when it comes to various thoughts especially political matters. They are the ones who have to interact in the political environment every day in their life. How they deal with all the issues is an interesting thing to see. The way two characters have been shaped up and how they encounter various situations is what is very interesting to see.

It is not one of those shows that will take forever to form a twist or to reveal a back story. The first season was also long but the pace of the story is fast. The good thing is that the producers understand that nowadays people don’t like to watch something boring or time-consuming and this is why they have kept it in their mind. In the 14th and 15th episodes, there are a lot of twists in store we will not be discussing it as it may spoil your suspense too. It is better if you watch and enjoy for yourself.

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What are the cast details of Inside Man episode 14th and 15th?

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Inside Man boasts of very talented cast members and you will be totally immersed in their good performances. The scenes are quite interesting and there is an emotional touch to it. Even if you are not aware of the Chinese actors you can connect with them quite easily. The lead cast and the supporting cast members are equally good. Sometimes there are new actors which make their guest appearances often. Here are the names of the cast members below.

  • Zhang Yi Sha is acting as Shen Fang
  • Pan Yue as Shen Lin
  • Faye Wang as Liu Ru
  • Wang Rui as Yao Bi
  • Zhao Da as Luo Li
  • Zhao Yang as Lu Wen

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What is the release date of Inside Man and where can you stream it?

Fans can watch Inside Man 14th and 15th episode on this Tuesday and Wednesday as soon as it is released. Local viewers can watch the show on their favorite channel iQiyi which is a local Chinese channel. If you are residing outside China you will have to wait for a few hours as the episodes are uploaded online after the original broadcast. There is a really good streaming platform named Tencent Video streaming where you can watch all the episodes in perfect HD quality. The episodes are available in English subtitles so you can understand it fully.

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