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Industries of Titan: Release Date, Gameplay and Features

 Industries of Titan is an interesting game which is soon going to come out to win your heart. The developers are doing their best to bring a game which is easy to play and can give a great experience. If you are interested in a genre which boasts of action, indie, simulation and strategy don’t forget to give this game a try. Today we will be discussing the release date, gameplay, features and many other things in this article. So without wasting any more time let’s start.

All the latest updates on Industries of Titan

Industries of Titan has already been released on Early access and it is getting great feedback as well. The users have a chance to play the game on Epic games Store. The transportation process of the game is still under the development stages and it will be fully available on Epic games store. The game has been updated with some latest features and we can see roads, trucks and deliveries in it. This is something which the viewers have witnessed in the Alpha testing of the game. There will be loads of other things available once the game releases officially. Sir Carma and Nick Gunn have given the graphics and arts for the game and we must say it is very beautiful. The background music of the game is handled by Danny and it goes very well with the theme of the game. It is a single-player game which will mean that you can play this game all by yourself without taking any help from others.

Features of Industries of Titan

Industries of Titan has got a lot of features which will comfort the users in a lot of ways. Let us take a look at it in detail.

  • When you first open the game it will start in a small city which is later turned into a metropolis
  • There are a lot of employees and factory workers but as a player, you can’t overburden them
  • You have to take care of the needs of the workers
  • The main feature of the game is to expand the factories and its outputs
  • The player has to fight with a lot of enemies and a lot of weapons are available for the battle
  • The Crypt of NecroDancer is another great feature which will be loved by people
  • The perspective of the game is really wide which is interesting
  • If the players want to win the game they will have to keep political, economic resources and technology in mind

What is the release date of Industries of Titan?

The release date of Industries of Titan is getting delayed because of Coronavirus. The makers want to make the best of profits so they will plan to release on such a date when everything is clear. You can avail the early access option given by the developers if you cannot wait for the game to fully release. People who have seen the early access have good stories to share and you can take a look at it yourself too. It is a simulation game where we will see a metropolis and players have to work hard to gain their supremacy. Good strategies are a big requirement for the game and a lot of you have to work hard to stay in the game.

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