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I See You Full Movie Leaked Online Download By 123Movies

I see you are a 2019 Hollywood flick which is a suspense thriller and you can’t judge the movie until you watch it. The suspense element in the movie is strong and a slight hint about the movie could become a spoiler. The twists and turns of the movie can keep you thinking and wondering about what is going to happen next in the movie. The movie looks promising and highly entertaining that is going to trigger many conversations. The dark thriller is going to raise curiosity and many people are surely going to watch it only to kill the curiosity.

The Cast

The Plot

The plot revolves around the disappearance of a 10-year-old kid in the woods and two investigators are hired to investigate the case. The story proceeds with the investigation and focuses on the serial murderer and his real identity. The viewers are left guessing whether the serial killer who been convicted has kidnapped the kid of there is some other killer who is copying his acts. The movie also shows the emotional side of relationships where the detectives wife is seen mending her relationship with her husband after cheating on him. The movie induces the thrilling and scary element when things start becoming missing and appearing out of nowhere. The audiences are presented with a number of suspects and they are left guessing who the real suspect is.

Is it Good?

The movie isn’t for everyone. It is suitable for a certain audience taste and might not get appreciated by people who want a certain set explanation about each and every part of the story line. Even fans of horror movies that prefer watching blood and knives and are expecting some horrendous scary sights should stay away from the movie theaters because they might come out complaining. I see you is scary in some parts and it is also very intense but it is not one of those movies which is going to scare the hell out of you. The movie is going to give the audience a lot of unexpected and shocking moments and when the audience would think that they have reached at a conclusion the storyline would surprise you taking a completely opposite turn.

What it should be rated?

I See you can be watched by individuals who are 15years plus because the movie doesn’t have a high level of violence or nudity/sexual situations. There are some parts that focus on adult themes but they are not that explicit and not something that cannot be played in the 1940s and ’50s. The young teens might not be able to understand the movie because it gets you involved in the guessing game and the result and conclusion are not rewarding.

I see you leaked by 123movies

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Release Date

The movie is going to release in the United States of America on 6th December 2019. If you are in the USA don’t forget to grab the tickets to the movie to enjoy it with your friends and family.

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