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Hyper Scape Season One Release Date, Plot, Gameplay& Other Updates

Hyper Scape is an exciting battle game which is developed by Ubisoft. Season one will be coming with a lot of updates and weapons which will make things convenient for the players. There will be a new hack, 100 tier battle pass, and much more. Nowadays the battle royale genre is getting a lot of attention from the youth and especially young boys like to play it. The makers have already released the game on open beta which will coincide with other console games too. Get to know about all details of Hyper Scape Season one and read the information below.

Is there a new trailer for the Hyper Scape Season 1?

Hyper scape 1

Recently Ubisoft released an official trailer of Hyper Scape which is being loved by the players. They are also planning to release the Open Beta next month so they can get proper feedback from people and make any changes if required. The trailer has a magical feel to it and players will get to know what is going to happen in it.

It is based on an urban battle royale featuring a futuristic battle. Players are going to have a different experience altogether as they will witness something which they haven’t done before. The gameplay is easier than before because there are so many updates facilitating the players in various stages. They will get bonuses, rewards and will purchase weapons from time to time which will make the gameplay a lot easier than before.

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What is the gameplay of Hyper Scape like?

hyper scape 3

Hyper Scape will be following a similar genre of traps which is constantly shrinking zones and an effective or high count of players participating in it. The developers have incorporated many new ideas and updates from their minds so the gameplay can become more interesting and thrilling at the same time. Arsenal can pick up weapons to take part in the gaming sessions while there is a map and through the navigation process, people can find their opponents and attack them or even save themselves from the attacks.

It will give players an option to turn into a fireball or they can construct a wall to save themselves from the fire and attack of the enemies. Spectators of the game can vote in a give applaud to the winners to see how the gameplay is actually moving on. There is a twitch feature which allows the player to gather together and play the game with full potential. The groups can gather and make necessary plans to win the exciting game.

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What is the Plot of Hyper Scape and when it will release?

Hyper Scape is more about futuristic styles of battle royale game. You will be surprised to know that the game is set up in an urban city and all the facilities given to the players are rather new and innovative. The game moves out of the barren lands which most of the other battle sessions come up with. The players can see visually appealing graphics and the intense gaming sessions will be better than before. The good news is that Hyper Scape has released on July 12th, 2020 and you can fully enjoy it as the game is already out on different platforms. There are many such games coming from the Ubisoft developers so you can enjoy them all!

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