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How to set the right expectations when availing the services of shop fitting companies

Retail stores and shops are facing an existential crisis due to the intense competition from online shops that have won the hearts of consumers by providing more comfortable and convenient shopping options with more choices. The retail space is already too crowded, and the challenge posed by online shops are driving brick and mortar stores to the edge who are fighting hard to regain their position for increasing the footfalls at the stores.   In this fight, the retailers seek professional shopfitters support to change the layout of the shops that ensures a more comfortable shopping experience.


Although several companies offer shopfitting services, choosing the right one is critical to get the right results.  You must gather knowledge about the subject of shopfitting so that you understand its essential aspects and then set the right expectations so that you know what you are likely to gain from the exercise. From layout to displays and the use of technology, there are many aspects to touch upon to get the most from the shopfitting project.


Since the project’s goal is to improve customer experience by making the shopping experience more enjoyable, the layout of the store must ensure smooth movement across the store so that it is easy to reach even the farthest point of the store. Choose between various layouts like the open type layout of boutiques or the traditional aisle type layout but always ensure that the configuration effectively provides a better customer experience.


Selling depends mainly on the item’s visibility on the shelf and the convenience of getting a feel of it. Customers usually pick what attracts them most and want to have a close look at it while deciding about buying it. To capture customers’ attention, the style of the display must be most attractive so that customers are drawn to it. Moreover, the space and position of the displayed items are important for making them look attractive. Shops and handbags look equally stunning when displayed on shelves or tables. Again platforms and mannequins are ideal for displaying clothing and dresses.


The use of technology increases the attraction of the displayed items that must always shine in bright light, and shopfitting incorporates various technologies that make the place look attractive. Shoppers want to explore all options before setting up their minds about buying, and the attractiveness of the environment influences their decision. For example, levitating displays, interactive screens and smart mirrors add a feel-good factor to the shopping experience.

Attractive signage

To ensure smooth navigation across the store, placement of the proper signages at the right places is critical because it directly impacts the shopping experience. Every signage must be easy to read and placed at prominent locations to provide an intuitive shopping experience. The signages are helpful guides that help shoppers plan their movements within the store to make the best use of time.

A well-illuminated store lifts the spirits of shoppers who feel happy spending more time at the store, increasing sales.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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