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How to Drink a Gallon of Water every day to Lose Weight

How Many Ounces in Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day?

Many people believe that drinking a gallon of water in a day can help you lose weight. It is a popular myth that if you drink a gallon of water every day you can avoid ageing and also lose a lot of weight. Whether it is a myth or it is true you need to try drinking a gallon yourself and then decide. But you might be terrified that if you manage to drink so much water you would have to make frequent trips to the bathroom. Maybe you wouldn’t be able to go anywhere and would want to find a bathroom everywhere. To help you avoid that we decided to ask some fitness experts and get their review on the myth. Is it possible to drink so much water in a day? Is drinking so much water safe? Does it really help you lose weight? We have all these questions answered for you in the article. Read to know the reality behind the myth.

What top trainers have to say about drinking a gallon of water?

We asked a lot of fitness trainers and researchers about the truth behind drinking gallon water. They had their own opinions and they gave us a lot of information about according to their experience. We will be sharing it all with you.

Your metabolic rate fastens up

When you drink a lot of water your metabolism speeds up and when that happens you start burning a lot of calories. If you drink 16 ounces of water every hour your body would be able to lose an extraordinary amount of calories. In this way, the weight loss process can speed up and you can get the body of your dreams.

Your workout are improved

When you drink a lot of water your body gets a lot of energy and you feel all powered up during your workout session. Water can increase the cellular level of your body and that can help a great deal during your workout session. A fast pace and energetic workout shifts are important for you during a day and drinking a gallon of water can help you do that.

Your wrinkles will fade away

The water you drink goes into your intestines and then enters your bloodstream. In this way it also helps to make your skin shine and glow. Wrinkles and blemishes can occur due to ageing and UV rays and staying outdoor under the sun is also one of the causes of early ageing. So drinking a lot of water can reduce wrinkles but they cannot make it completely disappear.

You will feel full

When you drink a lot of water you automatically start feeling full. As a result, you eat less food because you are already full of drinking water. Foods like watermelon which have a lot of water inside them can be a great food item if you want to lose weight.

How to drink a gallon of water?

Drinking a gallon of water in your everyday routine can be a little challenging. That is just too much water and you might be going to the bathroom a lot of times. But you can always set up a schedule and manage the drinking routine. If you drink water in intervals you won’t fill up your stomach too much. You just have to start drinking water early in the morning and take it till night time. Drinking a little amount in one time can be difficult so it is better to drink water in intervals. If you drink water all day you will manage to finish off one gallon in a day.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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