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How To Cut Grass On Hill: A First Timer’s Mowing Guide

Many people are tired of that frustrating task and likely to give up their jobs. Because not everyone is physically strong enough to do such exhausting work for their homes and gardens.

Cutting grass on the hill won’t be a tiring burden anymore if you follow our step-by-step guides below. Not all these tips are suitable for you to do but we hope it provides you some useful information and solutions. Check it out!

Steps to cut grass on the hill

Step 1: Clean up debris in the yard includes trash, branches, or rocks. Throw them away in the trash bin.

Step 2: Use a tire pressure gauge to check the air pressure status whether it activates. Check the product’s PSI rate to decide filling more or deflating out the air in the machine tire.

Step 3: Place the lawnmower to the end of the yard and adjust the speed to the lowest setting. The process takes a long time but it ensures your full control ability.

Step 4: Press to start the lawnmower and cut the grass horizontally in 45 to 55 degrees. Also moving the machine vertically rows by rows, not only up and down. Every time you complete cutting a line, make a turn while pulling the lawnmower to go ahead in the slope. This will remain the same process as the former lines.

Step 5: When you finish, go back to the previous line from the contrast direction.

Tips on cutting grass by lawnmowers

Keep the mower high

If you run your mower at a low height, it is difficult when pushing the machine around. Keeping the device too low can cause tiredness after every lift. A simple way to remove the moving obstacle is to adjust the height setting to the highest. However, don’t keep it too high throughout the process. You’re cutting grass in a large area, not millimeters.

Move the mower crosswise

Many people hate to use the lawnmowers to cut the grass just because they don’t know how to use it right. Lifting the device up and down can waste a lot of effort that makes you tired soon while not having the cutting job done. Try to move it across, from the left to the right when you move it on a steep incline.

Change to another lawnmower

You may not think about it but change to other suitable mowers when needed. Most people just wander around the marketplaces and pick a random one that they think it’s the idealist product to use. Unluckily, that product doesn’t turn out to fit your requirements.

For example, your push lawn mower only works the best for a small area, not the large hill. So if your need is a big area, consider switching to a self-propelled lawnmower.

Self-Propelled Mower
Self-Propelled Mower

In case you need to cut grass on a slope or a large steep hill, a rideable mower can be your life-saving solution. It takes your cutting job to the next level and your body will say thanks to you.

Don’t be stingy to save money for the best product, because you will have to use it for a long time. If you choose the right product, it can be a well-spent investment.

Look to Green New Lawn for side by side comparisons on lawn equipment.

Ask for help from other people

The cutting job is still a heavy task for many people, especially women. So when you feel it’s over your ability, ask for help from others. It can be your neighbors or your nearby friends.

Sometimes, they can teach you how to use the mower in the most simple way that you don’t have to spend hours searching for instructions in the guidebook.

Do not let the grass grow too high

Experts recommend a way to make your job easier is to cut grass more usually. If you let the grass grow too high, it will take more effort to clean them all. However, try to not mow your area too often because it can harm your grass. The best way is to set up a schedule routine and strictly stick with it.

Do not mow the wet grass

Every homeowner should know the key warning of not to mow the grass when it’s wet. The best condition to mow is when the grass is dried and stands up straight. After the rain, stagnant water can mess up and stick the grass together. So mowing wet grass can be a useless and cost-effort work. It’s like cutting your hair when it’s dry. Imagine waking up after a night and realize how you were wrong to do that.

The stagnant water can harm your lawnmower and decrease its shelf life because it causes rust in the blades.

Things to notice when cutting grass

  • Wear specialized or lawn-mowing shoes to protect your feet and decrease traction.
  • Wear sticky gloves to increase the grip and dexterity.
  • Whenever you feel dangerous cutting grass in a steep area, turn off the self-propelled function and use the mower by pushing it ahead.
  • Take a break for yourself during the process to recover your energy. Don’t forget it’s a physical-require job.
  • If you’re not lucky to enter a flat terrain area, you can avoid it and come back later to trim the grass later.
  • Cut only one-third of the grass height to protect its condition.


It sounds simple but how to cut grass to let it grow beautifully requires a few techniques and tips of using lawnmowers. Indeed, a high-class lawnmower is a worthy investment for the houses with big yards or gardens.

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