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How to convert your college-bound child’s bedroom for any need

Are you looking forward to the day that your child heads off to college? If you are in the process of making graduation arrangements and preparing to move your student into a college dorm, you might already be thinking about what to do with that bedroom once it is no longer needed on a daily basis.

Although your college student will still come home on holidays and summer breaks, they aren’t going to need a full bedroom like they do now. When you consider the fact that most college-bound children never live at home full-time after reaching that milestone, it only makes sense that you no longer keep a room just for them.

If you have been waiting for the opportunity to set up a hobby, study, or craft room, this is the perfect opportunity. You could also make it an exercise room or use it for really any other occasional purpose. You can do this while still maintaining an area for your college student to sleep and relax when they are in residence.

The best way to do this is to work with the furniture already in the room. A chest of drawers can hold office supplies, craft supplies, yarn, fabric, thread, and other necessities from which to birth your creations. A nightstand is a great option for storing smaller lightweight items and tools like scissors, awls, needles, and more.

No matter what you decide to use the room for, it is almost certain that you will no longer have room for a full bed once you add the other elements. Getting the bed out of the room can open up a ton of floor space where you could set up additional desks or tables when needed. Of all the bedroom furniture in the room, the bed is the one thing that you really want to go to.

Yet your college student still needs the ability to come home and visit. You can leave one corner of the room for their sleeping quarters by finding daybeds for sale that matches with the rest of the room’s décor and furnishings.

The daybed can work as a sofa or a place to lounge with a book when your student isn’t at home. It won’t take up as much room as other beds, and they come with some great features that are helpful for part-time house guests.

Daybeds are great for any guest room that might be shared with a child, and in that case, you could get a daybed that offers a trundle that slides beneath for easy storage. You can also get a daybed that has several drawers built-in underneath the bed’s platform so that any visitor to your home will have somewhere to store their things until they leave.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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