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How to convert Ethereum to Bitcoin

There are several cryptocurrencies in the world. But, the palm belongs to the electronic cash “Bitcoin”. It appeared in 2009, and very soon gained worldwide popularity. Bitcoin is decentralized, and it also uses its own currency. This suggests that it does not have a central administrator and server where the source code and database are stored. All this is on the computer of each of the users of electronic cash, which is a link in a huge chain.

Ethereum appeared in 2014. Its creator is a programmer and mathematician of Russian origin Vitalik Buterin. His feat to create this project was the fact that, although bitcoin is the first project of its kind, it needs serious improvement. Ethereum was designed with the shortcomings of a pioneer cryptocurrency in mind. Ethereum is not as widespread as bitcoins and the number of places where you can pay with it is extremely limited. But, in the future, the situation may change.

Exchange Ethereum and Bitcoin

Ethereum exchanging for Bitcoin is a fairly common procedure. These are the two largest cryptocurrencies, on the rate of which you can make a good profit if you make an exchange at the right time. In addition, such an exchange is often needed to diversify your investments and hedge risks. For example, if the ether rate is going down, and the bitcoin rate is quite stable, then it makes sense to transfer at least part of the funds to BTC so as not to lose money in the course of the rate fall.

Exchange Ethereum and Bitcoin

How to convert Ethereum to Bitcoin? It is a very important question.

You can exchange Bitcoin for Ether:

  •     on cryptocurrency exchanges;
  •     through exchangers;
  •     by agreeing with another cryptocurrency holder.

In the first case, exchanging ETH for BTC requires registering on a cryptocurrency exchange and depositing money on this site. Therefore, you need to go to the section with trades, set the desired selling price and wait until one of the exchange participants makes a purchase. The advantages of such an exchange are high speed, the ability to convert money at the exchange rate. Among the disadvantages: the need to deposit and withdraw money from the exchange, in some cases, a lengthy registration and verification procedure.

The way to transfer Ether to Bitcoin through exchangers is somewhat simpler. In this case, you need to find an exchanger with a favorable rate, enter the required amount, specify the required details, send the money and wait for it to be credited. The advantages are the speed of exchange and the absence of additional registrations and transfers. Disadvantage: the rate will be lower than the exchange rate.

One of the most profitable ways is to exchange with another cryptocurrency holder. To do this, you need to find such a person on thematic forums, agree on an exchange and implement it. Often the exchange is done in person to avoid deception. This method will allow you to exchange money at a favorable rate, but the least secure.

The best way to withdraw Ether to Bitcoin

Which way to choose to exchange Ethereum for Bitcoin? There is no definite answer to this question, since in any case you will have to sacrifice something: spending on commissions, security or the exchange rate.

When choosing how to transfer Ethereum to Bitcoins, the main thing is to choose a reliable exchange source. In some cases, it is better to lose a large amount on commissions or on the course than to risk and eventually lose your money. You also need to take into account the fact that there will be losses in any case. At a minimum, you will have to pay commissions for transactions within the networks.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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