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How to Choose the Right Seating for Your Home Theater

Are you all prepared to set up your new home theatre? Well, not everyone is lucky enough to get this opportunity. Watching a next hit blockbuster at home with family and friends can be a hugely enjoyable experience. You have got a large screen, comparable sounds, and high resolutions. Next what? Definitely, it’s time to work on the seating arrangement. But before you start anything, there are a few essential things that you need to consider.

What is your budget? What features you need for maximum comfort? What style do you want to drape your room into?

Read along to know 6 tips for selecting the right home theater seating.

  1. Consider the room dynamics

Room dynamics is an important factor to consider while selecting the seats for your home theatre. Get the measurement of your room and plan out things for available space. The seats should fit appropriately in your room without creating any kind of obstruction. There should be enough space left for people to walk and move around freely. Apart from this make sure:

  • The seats are placed at an ideal distance from the woodenTV unit to enable people to watch without craning their necks.
  • Evaluate how your seating space will receive sound from speakers.
  • Size of seats should be as per room size to facilitate screen viewing without squinting.
  1. Consider the field of view: 

Most people prefer for the row seating arrangement, this particular layout provides true theatre experience. It helps set your mood and more importantly prevents fights erupting over who is going to which seat. Since all seating is uniformly placed, there is the same kind of view from each seating.

However, it is not necessary to stick to one particular kind of seating. If you have larger space, then you can supplement your home theatre with additional wood furniture such as chairs, sofa poufs, or even bean bags. But make sure amidst all this you stay focused on the field of view. From every seat, the screen should be visible clearly without straining or bending.

  • The field of vision should be around 30-degrees with respect to the screen’s location.
  • From every seating, the eyes of the onlooker should be in alignment with the center of the screen.
  • In case of more than one row in your home theatre, use risers to enable easy viewing.
  1. Think over your style and Budget:

Setting up a home theatre is an expensive affair. Thus, you need to make sure how much you can spend without making it heavier in your pocket. But it is always worth going for quality options that ensure you durability as well as fit your taste. After you have decided on your budget, you can start thinking about how you want your seats to look like.

To narrow down the best option, find the answer to the following questions:

  • Do you want a sofa style or recliner chairs?
  • Do you want connected seats or all separate?
  • What type of finish and color do you want?
  • What kind of material you want for your seating?

If you’re in the process of creating a home theater, pay attention to the aforementioned tips to find the best seating.

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