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How to Choose A Smart Watch?

Wearable electronic devices have gone through smart bracelets. Then smartwatches have rapidly developed and come on the market. Compared with smart bracelets, smart watches have richer functions and stronger decoration. At present, there are many different brands. Many consumers don’t know how to choose smart watches.

How to choose smart watches? What kind of smart watch is suitable for yourself?

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Firstly, smart watches can monitor the simple data. Currently, it can monitor sleep quality, answer phone calls. It can do mobile phone payments. Smart watches are applicable to more and more scenes. It has richer and more powerful functions. It can slightly replace the role of mobile phones. It greatly improves our daily life and work efficiency. So, how to choose smart watches? What kind of smart watch is suitable for yourself?

We need to be clear why we want to buy smart watches. Do you want an accurate positioning system? Do you want to monitor daily data such as heart rate and sleep? Is real-time monitoring given a better plan during exercise or is the alarm clock vibrating every morning? We should consider all these issues.

After defining these most basic principles and objectives, we can choose smart watches. After a series of comparisons, we have summarized the comparative evaluation of the following smart watches.

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First of all, Samsung Active2 and Apple Watch4 are better in appearance. Although active2 can be installed with app, it is not practical. Unless you own or plan to purchase a Samsung mobile phone, Samsung Active2 is useless. In contrast, apple watch4 is equipped with more comprehensive and specific health functions. It has the function of automatically detecting exercise status. It is not specialized in exercise, but simply records data. But it is commendable in both heart rate and GPS. We should mention that the prices of these two smart watches are high. The cost performance is not very high. We don’t recommend you to start with them.

If you pay attention to cost performance, you can consider HUAWEI magic watch 2. It is the king of cost performance. The metal texture is coupled with the high-definition color touch screen. It does not show any weakness in color value. It achieves various data monitoring for sleep management and stress management. In terms of heart rate monitoring, the data accuracy is high. The endurance is good. It is suitable for daily work and study.

Regarding the choice of smart watches, I believe most consumers not only concern their basic skills. They consider other factors such as their prices. If the cost-performance ratio of the products is high enough to meet their own requirements, such commodities will not be wasted when bought home. This is according to everyone’s long-term experience in purchasing commodities. There is no only specified standard for the purchase of smart watches. It is better to purchase ideal goods at a reasonable price. We can regard it as rational and reasonable shopping.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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