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Homeland Season 8 Release Date, Cast And Review

Carrie Mathison is returning from the world of hell one last time. Season 8 of the Homeland will be the final season and it is coming to our screens very soon. There were many clues given in the previous seasons that this season would probably be the season that concludes the story. The earlier 7 season was phenomenal and this season also seems to be promising enough to hook the audience and will give an extraordinary experience of entertainment. The ending would be explosive to blow our minds and it sure has to be something special because the biggest crime political thriller is coming to an end.

Homeland season 8 Cast

The biggest news about this season’s casting is that the lead actress Claire Dances’ real-life husband will be joining the star cast of the team and grace this season with his extraordinary acting skills. Danes and Patinkin will be playing the same characters from previous seasons. The famous couple Carrie and Saul will be back again continuing their mission and we can’t get any more excited.

Homeland season 8 story and Plot

The final season will start off with Carie’s miraculous recovery from the Russian Culag. After suffering for months in a brutal way she is finally rescued and is seen recovering her health. Her body is recovering but her memories are fractured to the extreme. She can’t figure out things and is out of her mind because of the extreme torture she has experienced.

Saul her partner in everything’s main concern is Carie’s distorted memories and he is expected to be seen making efforts to recover her memories in the initial episodes. The story moves forward with Warner’s administration focusing on ending the war in Afghanistan. Saul is seen dispatched to Afghanistan to convince the Taliban to negotiate. He needs Carie’s help for that and he asks for her help and she walks with him in the den of lions. We can expect a lot of thrill and action in season 8 of the Homeland and all the fans of the series are eagerly waiting for the story to unfold. What happens to both the main characters and how they manage to settle down the chaotic situation and come out as a winner is yet to be seen. Whatever the ending might be but it surely is going to be thrilling and jaw-dropping.

Homeland season 8 Release Date

The first to five seasons of the series were released in September and October. And the previous 2 were released at the beginning of a year. The production house wanted a summer launch but couldn’t do that and now they are hoping for a Spring launch. The schedule was rescheduled a number of times and deciding on the final date has been an issue.

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Fans were expecting a launch date around October but their hopes were crushed because the release was canceled in October. But then news of the delay in the shoot broke and the fans were left disappointed once again. This meant that the release will further take time. The network at which the show airs was packed with releases in fall and fitting the Homeland in the schedule seemed to be impossible. The show is expected to release on February 9th, 2020 next year. We just hope and pray that the fans are not left disappointed again and the show finally makes a comeback this coming February.

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