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Himansh Kohli Tests Positive For COVID-19

Himansh Kohli is a popular Indian actor who has been prominent because of playing some youth-oriented roles. According to the latest news he has tested positive for COVID-19. Earlier it was reported that his family was tested positive for COVID-19 and he was taking care of his parents and sister as a perfect brother and son. It has been observed that people start showing signs of coronavirus after a week or so.

He talked about this news on social media and revealed to his fans that he has also been tested positive. India has been going on through a very serious wave of coronavirus and most of the celebrities are tested positive. Fans are worried about the health of their favorite stars but it seems like Himansh is worried about his fans too. He suggested to his fans that everyone should be careful of the virus and it can come from anywhere and anytime.

How Himansh shared the news with his fans?

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Himansh discussed the news of coronavirus with fans on his Instagram account. You must have seen the actor’s hit movie Boondi Raita and told everyone that his parents are now recovering from the virus. Here we will share his post so you can also read it in case if you missed it.

”By god’s grace and your prayers, my family has started showing signs of recovery and is getting better at a good speed. A lot of times, we think we have the best immunity; nothing can happen to us, we are a fighter, etc. and we think we are taking all precautions at a pro-level. While looking after my parents and sister, I started showing symptoms too and when I got checked for COVID-19 yesterday, I tested positive. I don’t want to scare you all since the recovery rate is extremely high.

But all I want to tell everyone is that everybody reacts to this virus in a different way. In fact, all 4 of us in the family have visibly different symptoms and effects caused due to the virus. So, don’t take it lightly and do everything in your power to safeguard yourself from it. I pray that it never reaches anyone of you, but please be prepared because it can come from anywhere and at any time.”

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 Some useful home remedies from Himansh

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Himansh is very generous and he wants everyone to be safe and healthy. He discussed some home remedies to get rid of coronavirus and the same remedies are working well for him and his family. Hot water with lemon/turmeric and some normal water intake because it is very important to stay hydrated during this time.

When you add Karvol Plus in water it is going to be very effective and the third remedy is multi-vitamins (C, D and B12) and all these things will work for keeping the immunity strong. If you are not well keeping up with immunity is very important or else it will not be easy to recover. He further talked about the precautions everyone has to take and this is what he wrote:

“Don’t wait for the infection, start taking precautions. Please take care of yourself and your family.”We and all the fans of Himansh wish him a speedy recovery!

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