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High Fidelity: Cast, Plot, Release Date and All You Need To Know

High Fidelity is a romantic comedy series. It aired on Hulu and was well appreciated by the audience. The web television drama series is based on the novel of the same name. The novel was a best seller and it was adapted into a television series. Many people believe that High Fidelity is better than the original novel and the drama series has been made with a brilliant cast and plot.

Is High Fidelity coming back?

High Fidelity hasn’t been officially renewed as yet but the fans are eager to get some more episodes because they can’t get enough of it. The drama series will not have an extra episode aired anytime soon but we are hopeful that the makers might consider a fully-fledged second season for the fans. As soon as we hear some updates about it we will inform you about it.

Is High Fidelity on Netflix?

High Fidelity is not airing on Netflix right now. It is not currently streaming on Netflix and is officially airing on Hulu. The drama series is available in high quality on the streaming service Hulu. It is a Hulu original and will air exclusively on Hulu.

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High Fidelity Review


High Fidelity is a drama series based on a girl who is an ultimate music fan. She is a record store owner and is obsessed with the top 5 list of songs. She loves pop culture and her life revolves around music. The romantic comedy highlights the obsessions and addictions young people often experience in their young time.

The drama also highlights a sweet love story and the romantic comedy genre leaves a fresh breeze of air in the Television series. The fans who have read the novel believe that the TV series is more colorful and lively as compared to the novel. The TV adaptation has more powerful characters and the actors have done a great job in portraying the characters.

High Fidelity: Cast Guide

The high Fidelity cast includes:

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What is the critics’ review on High Fidelity?

High Fidelity is a fresh take on the youth of today. The drama highlights the LGBT community and all the new trends and attitudes that the younger generation is adopting. It also focuses on the obsessions of young people over pop culture and music in general. The critics believe that the drama has an emotionally charging plot but falls short of some intense moment in many parts of the episodes. Zoe Kravitz shines in all the episodes overshadowing other actors in the drama series.

What is the release date of High Fidelity?

High Fidelity aired on Hulu on February 14, 2020. The romantic comedy aired exclusively on Hulu and you can catch up with all the episodes of High Fidelity on Hulu. High Fidelity might have a Season 2 but it hasn’t been announced officially. Those who haven’t watched the drama series can enjoy it and wait for another season to come out soon.

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