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All You Need To Know About HBO’s Euphoria

Euphoria is an HBO hot series and has left the viewers on a cliffhanger many times. The fans have rated Euphoria one of the best thrillers of the year 2020. The fans are left with many questions like Why did Rue (Zendaya) fall off from the human pyramid? Is she dead symbolically? Why is Fez seen in an indoor gun battle and people are wondering if he is dead or not? Let’s get to know more about what happens in the show.

Euphoria Plot Details

There is no confirmed death happened in Euphoria. The makers have given some serious hints about the deaths of the characters and some of them are even confirmed. Rue will be coming back and the news has been confirmed. The creator of the series Sam Levingston has confirmed this news. Nate hasn’t died and he is only dead in Rue’s fantasies.

Is Rue Dead?


The last episode of Euphoria was confusing and left the fans with a lot of unanswered questions. The biggest question that the audience is looking for an answer to is what happened to Rue? He was seen bidding farewell to Jules on the train, and then he is suddenly back in her room.  She is in her dead father’s hoodie and is in the air flying.

Some people believe that Rue is dead and her spirit might be narrating the story in the series. Her soul might be telling about the events that resulted in her death. The fans are also not able to find out about the presence of the drugs.

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Is Fez Dead? Who Killed Fez?

Fez was seen in a gun battle in the last episode of season 1. His gunfight is with a horrifying Mouse. Rue is busy dancing on her tragic maroon song while Fez is seen getting into real trouble with his gang. Guns are out and they are ready to shoot. The sound of a gunshot isn’t heard but we get the indications that someone will die. The whole sequence just indicates a tragedy or death. Maybe Mouse has taken the money and has asked Fez to clean the blood off. Or he might have killed Fez.

Is Nate Dead? How Does He Die?


In the season 1 finale, Rue is fantasizing about setting Nate’s body on fire. The next scene shows that it was all a fantasy. Nate is threatening Rue that she shouldn’t reveal his dad’s secret otherwise things can get nasty between them. We also get a fantasy scene where Rue is imagining killing Nate and setting his body on fire.  In reality, no one is dead, and Nate is still alive.

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About Euphoria

Euphoria is a series based on young adults.  The series is written by an American writer Sam Levinson and is inspired by the Israeli series which is titled by the same name. The show has a dark theme and is focused on mental illness, drug addiction, sexuality, and trauma.

The series tells the story of Rue (Zendaya), who is a teenage drug addict. She is struggling with Bipolar disorder and the trauma of her father’s death isn’t going out of her head.

Rue meets Jules (Hunter Schafer), who is a new student in their school. Rue meets Jules who is a transwoman and falls in love with her. The show is narrated by Rue and highlights different characters in high school.

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