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Harvey Weinstein Biography, Net worth, Family, Popularity, Awards, Scandal


Harvey Weinstein is a famous American former film producer. Harvey Weinstein is popular for his own entertainment company ‘Miramax‘. His brother Bob Weinstein has also a shareholder of this entertainment Company.

Personal Information:

  • Date of Birth: Harvey Weinstein was born on March 19, 1952, at New York, United States of America.
  • Nationality: Harvey Weinstein is a citizen of America. He has American nationality.
  • Religion: Harvey Weinstein is Jewish.
  • Weight: With a huge heavy body, Harvey Weinstein is 92 kg or 203 Ibs weight.
  • Height: Harvey Weinstein’s height is 183 cm.

Marital Status:

Eve Chilton
Eve Chilton

Harvey Weinstein was married in 1987. He got married with his assistance, namely Eve Chilton. Harvey and Eve Chilton got divorced in 2004. After that Harvey got married to an English actress and fashion designer Georgina Chapman. Recent year, a worldwide campaign against sexual assault controversy #Me to, start. On behalf of this campaign, many women blame Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment. After this scandal, it was heard that Georgina Chapman has announced her separation from Harvey Weinstein.


Harvey and Eve Chilton have three children’s. Elder son Remy, then Emma and Ruth. And Harvey Weinstein has two children with Georgina Chapman, a daughter India Pearl (was born in 2010) and a son Dashiell (born in 2010).


He is famous a former film producer.

Net worth:

In the beginning, the net worth of Harvey Weinstein is very high about $300 million, but after the sexual harassment scandals, his net worth decreased to $25 million.

Achievements and Awards:

Harvey Weinstein has won the academy awards for his famous movie ‘Shakespeare in Love’.


In the year 2017, Harvey Weinstein has been blamed for sexual harassment by round about 50 women.

Early life:

Harvey Weinstein was born to a Jewish couple. His father name is Max Weinstein and his mother name is “Miriam“. Both his mother and father are very humble. His father was a diamond cutter by profession. A spent a large portion of his childhood in co-operative housing society which was famous as Electchester.

Harvey Weinstein got his early education from Browne high school. Harvey Weinstein completes his graduation from the University of Buffalo. He with his friends organized different rock concert in Buffalo and then their group was famous as Harvey and Crocky productions.

Professional Life:

As Harvey Weinstein and his brother Bob Weinstein has their own entertainment company ‘Miramax’. They start their business by investing their money in producing movies. The first movie which was on screen by Miramax is a music-oriented movie. They produced many movies and a first turning point in their professional career came when they made a movie by blending two British movies into one for the American market which were on screen at Amnesty fundraisers.

The title of that movie was ‘The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball’ released in 1980. Marimax gained much fame in this movie. Marimax also produced many other controversial films like “The thin blue line“.

Then they produced a blockbuster movie ‘Sex, Lies and Videotape’, which gave them sky-high fame and after that film Marimax Company was able to show itself as one of the most successful films producing company.

In 1990, Disney achieves Miramax, but Weinstein Company remains on the top. Year after that, they produced their first blockbuster movie by Quentin Tarantino ‘Pulp Fiction’. Harvey Weinstein also produced their famous movie “Shakespeare in Love“.

Harvey Weinstein has a very successful career but due to that grim scandals, his popularity and net worth decreased rapidly. Harvey Weinstein is a perfect example to present the world how even the most powerful and famous personality can also be brought to justice.

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