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Handy Photo Editing Tools for Your Social Media Content

If you’re trying to grow your online presence then you have to include social media into your strategy. Of course, you might want to focus on one platform or use several. Either way, a free online collage maker can allow you to download directly into your preferred social media platform. First, though, customize your college so that it represents you and your brand with the right colors and features.

Top Free Online Collage Maker Tools for Social Media

When it comes to developing an online presence, a social media strategy is non-negotiable. There are many collage maker platforms to choose from and you’ll know which ones appeal to you by looking through their websites. Nevertheless, here are some popular names to get you started:

  • com
  • FotoJet
  • PiZap or BeFunky

This easy-to-use and award-winning platform have direct partnerships with Facebook and Instagram, amongst others. You won’t regret choosing this free online collage maker. This is true partly because of the numerous templates to choose from and partly because it’s so easy to download your photo collages straight into your social media channel. Moreover, there are some basic editing settings on offer which are often more than enough for all your business needs.


When you make a photo collage for social media, you want things like fun features and social media filters. Fotojet offers you all this so that you can create your unique photo collages with just a few clicks.


As the name suggests, you can expect funky templates with this collage maker. You can of course download your own images just like with most collage maker tools. Their collage wizard does a lot of the hard work for you though by collating your photos into the perfect photo collages.

Examples of Photo Editing Tools to work with your Free Online Collage Maker

Whilst the above collage maker platforms all have editing options, you might want to explore other tools that are specifically designed for photo editing. The following are only a snapshot to give you an idea of the possibilities:

  • PicMonkey
  • Canva
  • Adobe photoshop express


Most reviews talk about how fun and easy it is to use this photo editor. It even uses artificial intelligence which makes it that much easier to do things like changing your background. When it comes to editing with this platform though, you can expect to be able to make edits, touch-ups, and effects. These include anything from color and contrast to Instagram filters.


As an online graphic design tool, you can create anything from basic photo edits to designing social media banners and flyers. You have a wealth of editing features to choose from that nothing can hold you back with this photo editor and collage maker.

Adobe Photoshop Express

It’s always worth mentioning Adobe’s tools. That’s partly because of their intuitive interface but also because they offer everything from beginner to advanced. With this photo editor, it’s easy to add filters and contrast or even do some easy cropping. When it comes to your photo collages, you also have a range of templates to choose from. Then it’s simply a question of customizing and sending to your relevant social media channels.

Photo Editor
Photo by Barna Kovács on Unsplash

Choosing the Right Collage Maker and Photo Editor

When it comes to choosing the right tools for you, you’ll need to first understand what you want to do with them. Of course, that sounds obvious but how confident do you feel with the tools, and do you prefer a beginner platform? Then again, some people like to learn and evolve with the tools which are where Adobe sometimes comes in. That’s because its collage maker and photo editor tools often cater to both beginners and advanced users alike.

So, how do you even go about choosing the right tools? The following questions might give you a starting point:

  • What does the interface look like and does it feel intuitive?
  • Do you prefer to start with a free tool or are you happy to pay for extra features?
  • Are you looking for social media filters and presets?
  • What kind of templates do you want?
  • How much customization with your own images and logos do you want to do?
  • Do you want to get creative with the layouts of your images?
  • Are you looking for advanced editings such as multi-layer editing or 3D design functionality?

Answering these questions will most likely require a bit of research, especially if this is all new to you. Then again, most photo editor and collage maker tools have good descriptions where you can easily work out the details. Then, follow your gut instinct and just go for it. After all, you can’t go too wrong because all these platforms guarantee high-quality output.

Customizing your Photo Collages
Image by David Bruyland from Pixabay

Final Recommendations for Customizing your Photo Collages

When it comes to photo editing and making photo collages, we all want the best. Nevertheless, everyone has their style and specific purpose. Knowing what those are will help you determine which tools are the ones for you. First, have a think about whether you prefer the ease of use over functionality. Then everything pretty much follows on from there. Don’t be afraid to do some trial and error and most of all, have fun and enjoy the process. Only then can you ensure the best output from your free online collage maker.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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