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Greenleaf Season 5 Confirmed Release Date, Renewal and Updates

Greenleaf is an American TV series that was produced under the Oprah Winfrey network. The show had a successful run for many seasons and has been appreciated by fans and critics. The show is about the Greenleaf family that is full of secrets and lies. The show is full of thrill, action, passion and fans of the show are already hoping for a season 5. The show launched in 2016 and has been winning fans from all over the world. Is the Greenleaf season 5 coming out anytime soon or not? We have got answers to every question regarding Greenleaf Season 5. Scroll down to know more about the upcoming series.

Greenleaf Synopsis: What is the show all about?

The basic plot of the show revolves around the Greenleaf family who runs a megachurch. The family apparently appears to be decent and kind but they had hidden secrets that are scandalous. Greed and siblings rivalry threatens to tear the clan apart and adultery and lies make the family a complete mystery. The family’s dark side and ugly secrets are unveiled by Grace who is the daughter of the Church’s bishop. Oprah Winfrey plays the aunt of Grace and has appeared in all previous 4 seasons.

Greenleaf Season 5: Is it Renewed Or Cancelled?

There is no news about the show’s cancellation or renewal as of now. The series aired its fourth season in September 2019 and ended in November. The fourth season comprised of 10 episodes and was the shortest season out of all the previous seasons. The show aired on Oprah Winfrey network and you can also watch all seasons on Netflix. The fourth season isn’t rated as the best season out of all the previous seasons but was still appreciated by the fans.

The fourth season didn’t get a remarkable rating but still managed to grab the attention of people. The average ratings and the love of fans might bring the show back once again on our screens.

Greenleaf Season 5 Cast

The cast of Greenleaf has been pretty much the same for all the seasons and the actors playing the characters have made a comeback in every season. We are hopeful that for season 5 the old cast would make a comeback. Here is the cast that has helped the show to have a successful run.

  • Merle Dandridge as Grace Greenleaf
  • Kim Hawthorne as Kerissa Greenleaf
  • Lamman Rucker as Jacob Greenleaf
  • Tye White as Kevin Satterlee
  • Deborah Joy Winans as Charity Greenleaf-Satterlee
  • Desiree Ross as Sophia Greenleaf
  • Keith David as Bishop James Greenleaf
  • Lynn Whitfield as Lady Mae Greenleaf

When can we expect a trailer of Greenleaf season 5?

Season 5 hasn’t been confirmed as of now and we don’t know if it is even coming back or not. The series has received good feedback from the audience and has already launched 4 seasons so it is expected that we might get lucky and get a season 5 of the show. Although nothing is confirmed as yet we are hopeful to see the trailer of the fifth season sometime around the second half of the year. The last season ended in November and if the makers plan on a season 5 it will take some time to film the show and send the trailer out.

Greenleaf Season 5: When is it expected to be out?

There hasn’t been any confirmed date regarding the launch of season 5. The previous seasons were released in August so there is a possibility that Greenleaf season 5 also gets released sometime in August. However, there can be changes in the launch dates so nothing can be said about the launch date right now.

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