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Good Omens Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast & All You Need To Know

Good Omens is a popular series that came out on Prime Video. It is recently renewed for a new season that is making fans very happy. The filming of the second season has already started. David Tennant will return to reprise the famous demon Crowley alongside Micheal Sheen.

The series has been popular due to interesting storyline and good performance from the cast. Even though the show is supposed to a short running series. Due to the popularity it has increased the number of episodes. Everyone will be curious to know more about the new season and we have all the details here.

What is the plot of Good Omens Season 2?

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The plot of season 2 will probably be better and bigger than the first season. In the finale of the first installment we have seen both Aziraphale and Crowley charged for treason. They both have supernatural superiors who are responsible for their action too. Aziraphale will lead to destruction with hellfire.

While Crowley will vaporize in the holy water. However in the end the pair could survive each other from this sentence. Hell and heaven couldn’t really decide what to do. They both are given a chance to live on Earth. When they swapped each other’s appearance they didn’t have to go with the punishment either. If we talk about the storyline there can’t be anything bigger than the season one itself. However the makers plan to go with a flow and choose the plot that goes beyond everyone’s expectation. Gaiman will like to go with a good storyline that is exciting for the fans.

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Who is in the cast of Good Omens Season 2?

As we have already discussed that David Tennant will be back to play the lead role. It is hard to imagine anyone else in this character. He has done justice to the character. Micheal Sheen will also come back for the season two. Their friendship is the USP of the show and has become the most famous part of the story. To find a duplicate of this story is going to be challenging. It doesn’t seems fans will accept someone else for the character either. Frances McDormand will come back to reprise the role of God. Here are other cast members:

  • Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of Satan.
  • Hamm and Doon Mackichan as Gabriel and Michael

What is the release date of Good Omens Season 2?

There is no official date for the Good Omens season two as yet. The filming has begun and we can expect it to go on for some more time. However we expect that the series will come out some time in 2022. The new season will include six new episodes. All of them will make a comeback at Prime Video. Till the new season is out you can watch the first season for the time being.

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