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Girl From Nowhere Season 2: Release Date, Cast

The new season of a girl from nowhere is coming out very soon and all the people are looking for more details regarding it. The girl from nowhere is a Thai anthology TV series and the fans also want to know what will happen to their favorite character Nanno. The show is mysterious and full of twists and turns while the first season made its way onto the TV in 2018 on GMM 25. Netflix got the distribution rights of the series and this is the reason it has gained an immense global fan following too.

It will be interesting to see how the makers are going to handle the new season and for now we have gathered all the important details for you.

What is Girl from nowhere about?

girl from nowhere 1

The story of the series is very different and so is the character of Nanno. She takes admission in different schools even though she is an intelligent and hardworking girl. Nanno does this to expose the hypocrisy in the system and what goes wrong with the entire education system. It is a thriller that has taken inspiration from real-life stories and incidents. The lead girl will try and take revenge on the victims. The initial response and reaction for the drama have been really good and this is why the makers have planned for a new season with new twists.

Is Girl from nowhere coming back with a season 2?

Girl from nowhere season 2 is soon on the way and the news has officially been confirmed by the makers themselves. The second season will start their shooting schedule very soon and the girl who plays the lead role has thanked fans for their love and support. She also gave information about the new season on Instagram with the caption ‘NANNO IS BACK! BEWARE OF WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WISHING FOR’. If you are interested you can watch the teaser and find out how the story unfolds. The lead girl is also excited to come back for a new season and hopes that it is better and bigger than before.

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Who is in the cast of Girl from nowhere?

girl from nowhere 2

The official cast of season 2 has not yet revealed but the lead girl will reprise her role once again. There are many actors who are going to return for the new season so let’s look at their names below:

  • Chicha Amatayakul as Nanno
  • Thanavate Siriwattanagul
  • Claudia Chakrabandhu (Miss Aum)
  • Pepo Nutchapan Paramacharenroj (Nueng)
  • Best Nathasit Kotimanuswanich (Dainoh)
  • Poompat Iam-samang (Hok)
  • Morakot Liu (Bam)

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When will girl from nowhere release and what are the episode details?

Girl from nowhere will be releasing in the first half of 2021 on Netflix. The official date is yet to be revealed so we will wait for the confirmation. Season 2 will be having 12-13 episodes just like the first season. Here are the episode details of season one.

  • Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 1: The Ugly Truth
  • Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 2: Apologies
  • Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 3: Trophy
  • Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 4: Hi-So
  • Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 5: Social Love
  • Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 6: Wonderwall, Part 1
  • Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 7: Wonderwall, Part 2
  • Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 8: Lost & Found
  • Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 9: Trap Girl From Nowhere
  • Season 1 Episode 10: Thank You, Teacher
  • Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 11: The Rank
  • Girl From Nowhere Season 1 Episode 12: BFF, Part 1
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