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George Stephanopoulos, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career & More

George Stephanopoulos is an American politician and television correspondent. He is one of the richest personalities and is a chief anchor and correspondent with ABC news. Even though George has done many prominent works but his most popular shows have been Good Morning America and This Week. He has a strong presence in Politics and served Bill Clinton for a long time. If you want to know more about this famous personality read below.


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George was born on February 10th, 1961 in Fall River, Massachusetts. He was born and brought up in a normal household and learned all the morals very well. During his school years, he focused a lot on wrestling but didn’t keep his mind away from studying well. He was a bright student and managed studies really well. He completed his degree in Bachelor of Arts and Political science. He is 59 years old currently and his height is five feet and six inches.

Political career

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George was fortunate enough to start his political career and began working for Micheal Dukakis in 1998. He learned a lot of things about politics and concentrated well on every happening around him. George also worked with Bill Clinton and took care of the presidential campaign well. He also got the offer to become the communication director in the White House when Clinton won the election. In 1994 things started getting worse between him and Bill when he started investigating some real estate frauds. He left working under Clinton when he was re-elected for the elections as the relationship wasn’t the same anymore.

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Personal Life

In 2001 George got married to an actress and comedian named Alexandra Wentworth. They have two children together and all of them are very close. Both of them are still going strong and they reside in manhattan. Earlier he was tested positive for coronavirus so he had to isolate himself at their house. His personal life and love affairs have not been reported very openly in the media and many people know about his married life only.

Net worth and Real estate

The total net worth of George happens to be $40 million and his yearly salary is $15 million. He is the owner of many properties and he sold one property in East Hampton for $2.5 million. In 2010 he purchased another piece of property with his wife and that too in East Hampton. The couple has also purchased some other properties including the one in New York that is worth $4.5 million. He is leading a lavish life with his wife and children.


George got into trouble when he had a tiff with Bill Clinton but things settled down when he left working for him. A new controversy was arising when news came out that he has signed an $850,000 deal with a commercial real estate company. He was not having a lot of income in those days and this move raised many eyebrows. Once George was dining at his favorite restaurant and he hit a parked car. He left the scene without paying attention to the accident and for this, he was arrested later.

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