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Garth Brooks Net Worth, Singing Career, Bio, Family & Relationships

Garth Brooks is an American country music artist. He has gained a lot of name and fame in the entertainment industry and redefined country music. It has been observed that usually, country music artists get limited fame. Seeing his worldwide success he has proved everyone wrong. He is one of the best selling artists in the world and earns a lot through touring as well. If you want to know more about this talented musician check out the details below.

Early Life and Bio

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Garth was born on Feb 7th, 1962 and he is only 58 years old. He was born and raised in Tulsa Oklahoma and one of the youngest children in the family. Garth has been close with everyone and has got the musical passion from his mother. It is not surprising that his mother was also a country singer while his father was a draftsman for an oil company. He has one older sister and many other half-siblings too.

As he was growing up his family organized a lot of talent shows and that paved the way for his success. All six kids appeared in these talent shows and achieved their various goals. While growing up and attending college he played basketball, football, and other such games. He got admission into Oklahoma University and completed his graduation degree.

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Garth started playing music in different clubs and restaurants in the city. There was an attorney in the entertainment industry that loved his voice and told him to join his company. He had to move to Nashville to pursue his music career. Throughout his career, he has released many hit albums and songs. Fortunately, his fame and success weren’t restricted to only one country as he achieved global success. There isn’t a single country music chart where his songs were not a hit. In 2000 Garth officially announced his retirement from recording and performing too. Here are some of the songs and albums he has released so far.

  • Friends in low places
  • The dance
  • The thunder rolls
  • If tomorrow never comes
  • Unanswered prayers
  • Ask me how I know
  • Much too Young
  • Standing outside the fire

Salary Highlights and Real Estate

Garth has been earning a lot of salary during his peak career. He easily earned $90 million and has become the highest-paid celebrity in no time. He earned $45 through his tours and in recent years has earned about $25 million. Brooks and his wife have purchased Lay by Hotel on an island in Florida that is worth $8 million. The yearly salary of Garth is $90 million per year.

Personal Life and Net Worth

The total net worth of Garth happens to be around $400 million. His personal life has been seeing ups and downs as his first wife was Sandy Mahl. They have three daughters together. After their divorce, he fell in love with a fellow country music singer. He and his wife Trisha Yearwood are still going strong and leading a good married life. They are leading a lavish life as their combined net worth is even higher.

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