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G-Eazy Net Worth, Age, Bio, Lifestyle, Relationships& Other Details

G-Eazy is an American songwriter, producer, and rap artist. He has got a huge net worth and got a lot of name and fame during his career. Most people recognize him because of his talent. He is one of the most popular hip hop artists of all time. His songs are popular among the youth and elder generation as they love to listen to them. If you want to know more about his personal and professional life read the following details below.

Early Life and Bio

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G Eazy was born on May 24th, 1989 and he is 31 years old currently. He is born and raised in California and has been living a simple life. His father’s name is Edward and was an art professor while his mother Suzanne is a teacher and an artist. His mother divorced his father when he was young. He has got a younger brother and they both moved in with their grandparents. His mother also worked hard for a living as the family members have to live together in one room-Eazy started working at a restaurant and earned some money at the age of 14.he helped his family but wanted to pursue a career in entertainment industry.


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G-Eazy started making music when he was only in his teens. He attended Berkeley University but couldn’t complete his education because of music-Eazy joined a hip-hop group called Bay Boyz. They began their music career with success and released a lot of tracks. His solo mixtapes also started getting all the attention even when he was still in college. He released an LP in 2009 and started as an opening act for Drake, Lil’ Wayne, and Snoop Dogg.

As he has got a degree in the music industry he started releasing one album after the other. All his songs and albums went on to become the top ones on Billboard. He has been doing many overseas tours frequently that helped him earn even more fame. Some of his most famous albums and songs include.

  • These things happen
  • Everything’s strange here
  • The beautiful and damned
  • Must be nice
  • The endless summer
  • The epidemic LP
  • Politicians don’t know
  • The outsider

Legal Issues and Personal Life

Eazy has been into few legal controversies as he was arrested for an assault. Things got worse when he was known to have drugs under in possessions. He ran away while punching the security guard. On another occasion, he was found by police officers when had cocaine under his possession. He had to pay a fine and had to compensate the guard too. G-Eazy has been dating Halsey for a while who is a fellow singer. Apart from that, he has been into many other relationships that came into the limelight.

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Net Worth

The total net worth of Eazy is around $12 million. He is a successful songwriter and rapper so a lot of name and fame come through this business. His successful tours with the band and as a solo artist also helped him earn big. He believes in giving a lot of charity and has helped many organizations.

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