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Top 10 Free Offline Mobile Games To Play in 2022

Most of us have internet access 24 hours a day but there are times when we are not able to use the internet while traveling or some other reasons. When something like that happens Offline games can be a really good entertaining activity for us. There are many great Offline games for your mobile that you will get addicted to in 2020. We are listing down the top 10 Offline mobile games for you that can help you to kill your time during long journeys without the internet.

Happy wheels

Happy wheels is a popular online game that has now been introduced for mobile gamers. The game challenges the players to reach the last level by beating enemies they are encountered with during different levels. Various characters on different vehicles come for attacking you and you have to win against them to be the winner.

Soul Knight

Soul Knight is a game where you are placed in a dungeon full of dangerous monsters. You have numerous weapons to fight the monsters. You will meet numerous monsters along the way and you will experience challenging threats in all the levels.

Gangstar Vegas: World of crime

In the game, you play a small nook gangster who is all out to reach the mafia world in Vegas. You are allowed to attack any passerby on the road and drive all kinds of vehicles to reach the top.

Plant vs zombie 2

In the game, you are going to be partnered up with the plants’ army to protect the world against the zombies. You also get the chance to travel in history and are always given the full support of the plants’ army to beat the zombie monsters.

Alto’s Odessey

In this fun game, you play Alto and you are accompanied by his friends. The game is all about exploring landscapes and your mission is to go as far away as possible and explore new lands. During the rounds, you are provided with different missions and you get to experience never-ending adventures.

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Driving school 2022

The game has the best graphics and you would hardly find such graphics in any other game. This is a car racing game and you have to drive as fast as possible to beat your opponents. The car racing game is thrilling and exciting to play.

2 Player games: The challenge

The game has very easy gameplay and easy navigation takes a little time to get familiar with the game. The most exciting part is that you can play it with a partner. If you don’t have a partner you can play it against an AI

Badminton League

If you like Badminton in real life this could be the best pick for you. You can become the next badminton championship in the gaming world if you play this game. The game allows you to go through different tournaments of badminton and beat the game characters.

Smash hit

In the game you have to hit the iron balls to smash the things in sight. They could be glasses or other sorts of materials and the more you smash the items the better it gets for you. The game has many interesting features. You have to hit the maximum items to pass a level.

Traffic Rider

Traffic rider is an interesting game where you get the chance to drive in the traffic. You are provided with a bike and you have to drive as fast as possible to win the level. You have to pass many cars and bikes who are also at lightning speed.

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