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The shop of Free Dip Tobacco

Go to the shop of free dip tobacco website to know the packages, discounts, packs, and the current flavors that it is offering. From a range of characteristics that other competitors give, no one can match the texture, weightage, the similarity with the original dip and exciting flavors.

Fab Five (Long cut)

This deal comprises of all-star flavors. The fabulous five variety pack of extended chew makes the dipper, a personal coach of character. Enjoy dipping with tobacco-free chews that BlackBuffalo offers. Supplies are running out because the package suits everyone. Net Weight of the tin is 1.2 oz.

Core Four (Long cut)

Core four is a lineup full of flavor and essence combined. With core four, you get all of the Big Three with an advantage of a can of Peach Long Cut combined. It is a limited-time option.

Big Three (Long cut)

When you can’t choose between wintergreen, Mint, and Straight Long cut, you should try this package. This package comprises of the industry’s top flavors with a variety pack of three. Net Weight of every tin is 1.2 oz.

Wintergreen Long cut

It has a natural wintergreen flavor. Its freshness is what makes it unique from others. When a person places it behind their lips, he can taste a natural and robust wintergreen taste with subtle hints of tobacco in the background. The wintergreen extended cut has a more flavorful touch than any of the other dips and has a quality of stinging inside the lip.

Mint Long cut

The buffalo mint tobacco dip tastes like menthol. Menthol is a flavor with a slight feeling of Mint, and its aroma is like a cool breeze passing by. When it is used in dip tobacco, menthol may reduce the harshness and irritation of tobacco’s presence. However, menthol dip is a lot harder to quit than other chews.

Peach Long Cut

Peach long cut tastes like a peach with a slight pinch of vanilla. Most users of this dip are when asked about the best flavor they ever used, they don’t feel shy in saying Peach long cut. Although there are more effective and lip burning flavors out there but, when it comes to taste, no one can face the sweetness of this little guy.

Dip Tobacco

BlackBuffalo is a tobacco-free chew brand that has the most magnificent pack, best spit, and buzz you’re looking for. It has been made by the company after several years of thorough development and testing. There are some negative aspects of chewing tobacco that one cannot ignore and are definitely not worth the risk. When dippers become habitual of dipping and get hooked on the nicotine addiction, it makes it harder for them to beat the habit and stop themselves from using it.

Gift Card

Do you want to shop for a member or future member of the herd? Give the boss the gift of choice with a gift card. BlackBuffalo gift cards are delivered by emails and contain instructions to redeem them for checking out.


The shop contains a badass t-shirt to go along with your badass dip. Wear it with pride.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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