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Fortnite Sandcastle: How To Build And Destroy Sandcastles, Season 6 Challenge & More

Fortnite Sandcastle is an interesting and challenging game that is enticing the audience. Gaming lovers will be delighted to play this game. They will be entering week 10 in Fortnite. The best part is that there is a wide range of brand-new challenges that are arriving in the game. It also includes a pair where the player has to build sandcastles and destroy them while moving in the game.

Doesn’t it sound like a very unique idea? The Week 10 challenges will be meaningful for all the players who have invested their time and effort. It is surprising that the spots of sandcastles are not normally seen on the map. You have to identify their spot where you can complete the pair of Epic quests. Here is what you can do to win the challenges in the game:

Where to Build Sandcastles in Fortnite Sandcastle?

sandcastle 1

There are two important locations for building sandcastles. The first location is on the north shore of Dirty Docks. You will also find a location of this name on the eastern side of this map. The second location is near the Rainbow Rentals but it doesn’t have any name on the map. However, it is located at the sandy shores southwest of Holly Hedges. The player can choose to go to either of these locations.

They can build up as many sandcastles as they want. The first challenge in the game will be complete but you cannot start to destroy it without completing the first part. The Fortnite sandcastles have already become the top favorite among many and with these challenges it will become even better. All seasons in the game are connected with each other so you have to play it from the start to finish. Season four was all about superhero themes and this season six has something extraordinary in store.

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Where to Destroy Sandcastles in Fortnite Sandcastle?

sandcastle 2

It is important to build three sandcastles at least or else the challenge will not be complete. After that, the players will have to work hard by destroying these three sandcastles by locating three other spots. If you don’t know what to do as a player you can head to Craggy Cliffs. Apart from that, you can look forward to the eastern, Cliffside beach. There is another spot that includes South of Flush Factory.

The flush factory is found at the north of the Orelia, or NPC number 50, location. When you head to these two important spots it will help you to finish this pair of Epic Quests quite easily. The Week 10 challenge will help the players unlock a total XP of 48,000. There not more seasons left in the game and when you have this bounty it will be of great help. It is quite challenging for the players to get to level 220 especially when you want to earn Enlightened Skin in Season 6.

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