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Forex Trading And Its Disadvantages

Forex is the currency exchange market where you can buy and sell foreign currencies. This market is open all round the globe, and you can trade it anytime of the day. In other words, the Forex market is a 24-hour market place where people can trade currencies in the same way that they trade stocks and commodities during normal business hours. You might be wondering how does the Forex work, and this is how it goes.

The first step in the process is that you have to buy a currency in yen (that’s the symbol for Japan). The us dollars will be exchanged in yen to usd. You can trade the currencies using either the US dollar or the Euro as well. To get the most profit, you will need to buy the currency with the strongest dollar/yen in relation to the lowest Euro or dollar in relation to the highest Euro or Japanese currency. This is how you can gain maximum advantage in trading.

After you have bought the currency, you will be sent an order to exchange the money. You can do this at any US or Eurozone financial institution. The difference will be translated to yen and credited to your bank account. Now, the question arises whether the interest rates can be changed. Yes, they can be changed, but you will have to use the Forex broker. The Forex brokers can charge you some fees, and the best part is that they don’t just pass the change to you automatically, they will also convert the money for you automatically.

It is important that the interest rates are fixed. If the interest rates are variable, your trading profit and losses will always be unpredictable. There have been times when trading has actually collapsed because of unforeseeable changes in the interest rates. If the changes are unexpected, then your investment can go down as well as up, which will result to either good or bad results.

Another disadvantage of the Forex is that it cannot be used when you want to conduct political or other nonbusiness transactions. For instance, a person who wants to exchange yen to the US dollar will not be possible if the exchange rate is unchangeable. But when the currency values are fixed, you can buy and sell at the current market price. This is a major reason why Forex is not utilized widely for commercial purposes.

Although there are some risks involved in trading in the foreign exchange market, it can be profitable. But you should be very careful because the fluctuations in the market are usually inevitable. The prices can suddenly rise, and you may find yourself unable to cover your margin requirements. The Japanese yen is not tied with any global rate and it can therefore be difficult to speculate on its movements.

There are many reasons why Forex is becoming more popular. First of all, the foreign exchange is a market that is open on most days of the week. If you are a business man who deals with currency on a daily basis, then Forex can provide you with good profit. Second of all, Forex is a market that is open throughout the night.

You can also do currency speculation by using the Forex indicator called the Moving Average Convergence Divergence. It is designed in such a way that it can identify the trends in the market. But be sure that you are trading with a broker who has experience in Forex trading. A broker who has been in this line of business for more than five years can provide you with the most accurate information regarding the exchange rates of currencies.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo is an investigative journalist and is a correspondent for European Union. She is based in Zurich in Switzerland and her field of work include covering human rights violations which take place in the various countries in and outside Europe. She also reports about the political situation in European Union. She has worked with some reputed companies in Europe and is currently contributing to USA News as a freelance journalist. As someone who has a Masters’ degree in Human Rights she also delivers lectures on Intercultural Management to students of Human Rights. She is also an authority on the Arab world politics and their diversity.

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