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Food Wars Season 5 Release Date, Preview, Spoilers & More

Food Wars is a Japanese Manga series that is written and illustrated by Yūto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki. They both have been working together to make the Manga series a lot more interesting. You will see many twists coming into the limelight and the genre is more about comedy but almost every element is covered in the storyline. Many viewers are eager to know if they will be watching a new season of the Manga or not and it seems their wishes are already coming true. In this post, we are going to discuss all the important details we have about the anime so far.

What is Food Wars Season 5 all about?

Food-Wars 2

The story of Food Wars revolves around a few friends Soma Yukihira, Takumi Aldini, and Megumi Tadokoro. They all are gearing up for the battle in blue castle and viewers are eager to know who wins it in the end. Soma is very happy to realize that these big events take place in the castle and they can look forward to something very interesting. The competition is tougher and bigger this time while Megumi shows Soma a guy who has been running a good restaurant in Milan. Takumi also noticed a chef who has been taking keen interest and winning this competition for a long time now. Lyon and his friend are also ready to take on the battle in the castle and as the competition is getting intense it is hard to find out who will actually win the game.

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What happened in the previous episode of Food Wars Season 5?

Food-Wars 3

Soma has started believing that the battle of Megumi is of another level and they see that all the competitors are standing in one row. The announcer congratulates everyone who has been a part of this competition. Anne also announces that Blue is organized by World Gourmet Organization and will give the winner some big amount of money. She explains the competition and tells that the castle has three gates and she is going to stay inside the tower. The winner in the blue is going to be declared at the tower of the castle and all the contestants become happy to know this. If the competitors want to move on to the next round or get into the winning space they have to overcome the first trial at every gate. When the rivals Suzuki, Saiba Asahi arrive at the competition Soma thinks that this is the time to take revenge.

Saiba is going to start the competition ahead of others as she has the advantage of being a strong contender of the game. Nakiri also appears and thinks about beating Saiba so overall the competition gets very intense. The opponents are trying hard to beat their partners in the game and the audiences are on the edge of the seat as they want to know who is declared the actual winner. During the first trial, many players have already lost the game and the big question arises that who will survive in this intense battle. Everyone has their eyes on Soma and they are trying to know that the dish he has made is liked by the judges or not.

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What is the release date of Food Wars Season 5?

Food Wars Season 5 will be coming out on August 1st, 2020 and a new episode will be released every Saturday. The Manga series is coming after a big break so let’s all enjoy the fun and entertainment!

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