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All You Need To Know About Floyd Mayweather VS Logan Paul Results

All the fans are welcome to know the results of Wrestling Inc . There is an interesting battle between Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul. Everyone must be excited to know about the results of the match. If you are following the match live you will already know about the results. If you have missed it you can catch up with the results here. The main event will also include four boxing matches that will take place very soon.

Badou Jack and Dervin Colina will compete against each other in a light heavyweight bout. Jarrett Hurd will face Luis Arias in a junior middleweight contest that will be entertaining for the fans. The former NFL star Chad Johnson (fka Chad Ochocinco) is also a part of this event. It is exciting that he will debut against Brian Maxwell in a four-round exhibition. Mayweather and Paul’s match will be another exhibition that is scheduled for eight rounds.

Exhibition: Chad Johnson vs. Brian Maxwell 

floyd vs logan 2

The first round of the exhibition sees the battle between Johnson and Maxwell. The two have competed against each other a few times which includes two rounds for the same duration. The fourth round lasted for only a few hours but Maxwell is leading against Johnson and knocks him to the ground. However, Johnson got up right after the first session especially when the referee comes into action. Even after the match resumes Johnson couldn’t do much till the round ended.

In the post-match analysis, Johnson could only manage 4 out of 10 jabs as compared to Maxwell. According to the full total, Johnson landed 14 of his 45 shots . In the meantime, Maxwell landed 17 out of 68.  This exhibition couldn’t get any final results as the winner couldn’t be decided. Former WWE commentator Mauro Ranallo is managing all the post-match interviews.  The next match is between Jarrett Hurd vs. Luke that is even more interesting.

Arias in a junior middleweight bout                 

floyd vs logan 3                                  Junior Middleweight: Jarrett Hurd vs. Luke Arias is another interesting match happening for the fans. The two trade jabs and strikes have been the same during the first round. It is exceptional that neither man will have a clear upper hand. Round two will roughly last for about 30 minutes. Intense weather conditions force the match to pause for some time. As rain starts to blow inside the ring the crew comes up with towels.

Fans have to leave their seats for a short time till the rain keeps dropping. Once the round resumes something special did happen. He takes control with body shots and combos them and strikes on to the face of Arias. Arias begins to bleeding and it goes out of control for a while. Arias gives one good shot in before the round ends that stun Hurd to the fullest. With all of it, he remains to stay on his feet while struggling.

Winner: Luis Arias

Arias is declared the winner of the wrestling session when two to three judges gave him good scores. In the post-match interview, Arias gives compliments to Hurd that his knockdowns were legal excluding the last one. He also reveals that people used to tell him that he should consider another job. However, he believes in giving it his best. The next match for the wrestling fans will be between Badou Jack and Dervin Colina in a light heavyweight contest.

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