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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review & All You Need To Know

Final Fantasy VII is an interesting game that was released way back in 1997. The remake of Final Fantasy VII is upgraded with something new and breathes a new life into this classic game. At the opening of the game, players will witness something special. The Cloud Strife, a mercenary and former member of an elite private military group named soldier. He takes on a job that is associated with an eco-terrorist cell named Avalanche. The mission of this cell is to blow up a reactor named Mako. It is the lifeblood of the planet that is used to power up the sprawling industrial metropolis Midgar. The group has to infiltrate the brave resistance of opponents from Shinra Electric. They have to set off the explosion that renders the reactor inoperable. Here is all you need to know about the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Review

final fantasy 3

The final fantasy 7 remake does well in terms of updating the game with some special features. However, it turns out to be ordinary and results in some structural issues. At the same time, it gives the city and heroes a lot of time to become even more interesting. You will be surprised to see that even the smaller ones like Avalanche’s Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge have time to become more interesting. Many other compelling co-stars will be challenging to handle. The welcoming expansions to all the existing sequences make the game a lot more challenging than before.

You will notice that the combat in the new and old areas of FF7R has become intense. There are more than 100 times of enemies and you need dozens of hours against them. Many players have admitted that they were disappointed as the remake is using the original Active Time Battle (ATB) combat. It seems that they will have to take their words back as the iconic system has transformed into real-time. Players will have to control only one character at a time and they constantly order and swap between two other mid-fights.

Button mashing will not take you far

Players will be happy to know that every character also has a unique ability. Cloud will help you switch it into “Punisher Mode”.It offers extra damage but reduces the speed constantly. Tifa has the highest abilities and she can unleash bigger finishes than other characters. You all have the option to dodge and guard according to your requirements but work hard to achieve success. The flashy basic attacks aren’t impressive and they will not take you anywhere. The enemies have a health bar and stagger gauge that enhances their damage when the opponents attack. We witness this system in a lot of games nowadays. The clear twist here is that the stagger gauge of the enemy will fill in a different manner altogether.

The switching character feels like switching options

The important factor for conquering any fight is how you are using your party. The players will have at least two to four total characters that are available for fighting at once. Your team will determine according to where you are in the story. If you are not controlling some characters they can defend and attack very well on their own. Even during crucial times, they won’t use ATB bars, but it is another challenge altogether if you tell them it is another challenge. You can use the control mode to give orders to other characters. There is a big worry that the robot can try to pummel your face, which is very intuitive.

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