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FamiSafe; how to tracker your kids’ location

Remain at home, stay sound, and safe. This sentence has been a saying of everybody for as far back as the year. Coronavirus has influenced the existence of numerous individuals and still, nobody is protected. The best anyone can hope for at this point is to be mindful, take as numerous security measures as we can and keep ourselves in the insurance of our own homes. Remaining at home is certainly not a simple occupation then again especially as a stay-at-home parent.

Children tune in to nobody and like to do whatever they might want to do as they would prefer. Being a parent in this day and age is a lot harder than it was years and years prior. Gadgets, for example, smartphones, tablets are the lone wellspring of diversion for the remaining at-home kids and youngsters the same. Since the schools have likewise moved to lead on the web classes, the screen time for a normal kid has just expanded.

Monitoring your high schooler or youngster’s exercises online can be a difficult task yet now you can have some assistance from the best family location tracking FamiSafe parental control app. We comprehend that you need to shuffle numerous duties under one rooftop including work, dealing with your youngsters, and caring for the family overall. This makes FamiSafe the ideal application for you and your family.

Particular highlights

Presently it seems like your normal location tracker yet we guarantee you that isn’t the situation. It is truth be told a location tracker yet besides substantially more dependable than simply a basic tracking application. FamiSafe is an application that will assist you with your youngsters growing efficient and great screen propensities. You may scrutinize that chance so let us manage you through the dissimilar to some other highlights of this all-rounder application.

Overseeing application movement

All you require is a smartphone to get this application ready for action and you can deal with each progressing movement on your teenagers or youngster’s gadget. It will give you an alternative to control the screen time by giving you a day-by-day utilization report. If you need it can tell you about each application and when it has been introduced on the gadget and even give you a report about the applications your kid has uninstalled. You can likewise track the base time your kid is spending on certain applications.

Restricting substance

FamiSafe permits you to limit and obstruct any substance you don’t need your youngster to burn-through. You can even hinder applications that they ought not to utilize. You can restrict their admittance to specific sites and can keep away from realistic substance.


The parent alarms framework in this family tracker application sends quick warnings if there should arise an occurrence of any abuse from the gadget you are overseeing. If your kid is doing anything dubious, you will want to make a snappy move not too far off right then. You will even have admittance to the set of experiences on the off chance that you miss the alarm at precisely the same time. This will keep your youngster/kid under wraps consistently.

Broad highlights

The broad highlights these application offers are ongoing location tracking and geo-fencing. You can restrict the spots your kid should go to by adding a geo-wall. When the youngster leaves those walls you will get a caution and you can request that they share their live location by using the ongoing location tracking highlight. This element ensures that your kids are inside the defensive reach you have set for them and are protected from any potential perils. You can likewise track the cell phone of your youngster in the event of any tragedy occurring by utilizing a similar live location tracking highlight. There is additionally a set of experiences tab for the locations your child is visiting consistently which makes it a lot simpler for you to monitor their whereabouts.

Installments and Offers

Getting to all these stunning highlights has never been simpler than this. You can get these and more highlights with solid month-to-month and yearly plans.

  • Get the application for a month for just 9.99$
  • 3 months in 6.99$ each month in particular (pay ahead of time)
  • Yearly access for 4.99$ every month just (pay ahead of time)
  • The application is very reasonable for the administrations and wellbeing it offers. In 9.99$ you won’t ever need to stress over your kid again.

Access joins

The application is accessible for Android, Apple, Macintosh, Windows, and the Amazon store. The connections are in the depiction underneath:

  1. Google Play
  2. Apple Store
  3. Amazon Store

You should simply just download and introduce the application on your gadget and all the gadgets you need to track. The breaking point is up to 30 gadgets you can access simultaneously. The total headings to utilize the application are given on the site page of the application. Visit now for more data.

The  Conclusion

FamiSafe is magnificent that guarantees the security of everybody in your family. It is moderate and effectively opens which makes it the best family location tracker application among all.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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