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Factors to Consider Before Installing Roller Shutters in Your Sydney Home

Sydney is a coastal city situated on the eastern shore of Australia. The people of this city love spending their time on pristine beaches while many more relocate to Sydney for its famous attractions. If you live here or plan to buy a home, investing in roller shutters in Sydney is an excellent idea.

Roller shutters come in different variations, sizes, and features. They not only enhance your interiors but also emphasize your security measures. Before you plan to install roller shutters in your home, consider the following factors.

To Secure the House

According to an article in Budget Direct, more than 231,000 burglaries took place in Australia between 2018-2019. Sydney is otherwise a secured place because most of the houses have roller shutters installed. Roller shutters are either installed internally or externally.

The internal roller shutters offer more convenience as you can roll-up the shutter for natural light and air through the indoor levers. Whereas external shutters provide the same security, but they are to be operated through an outdoor rolling machine or lever. Either of the roller shutters offers tight security and freedom from break-ins.

The Size of the Shutters

In Sydney, the standard single roller shutter sizes vary from 1200mm(h) x 750mm(w) to 3100mm(h) x 3430mm(w). Before installing the roller shutters in Sydney, you need to consider the frame size of the door or window. Slide-doors, kitchen windows, deck panes, etc. come in different shapes and sizes. So, you must take the dimensions of the windows or doors to get the correct size of the roller shutters.

At times, you may want the height of the roller shutters more than the regular size. Only the right dimensions of your space will help you decide how large roller shutters you can install.

The Quality of Material

Thunderstorms are regular occurrences in Sydney between October to March. Hence, you must install quality-oriented roller shutters for your house. Roller shutters are made up of metal, such as galvanized steel or aluminium. They are usually flexible doors made up of a series of blinds. The other affordable material is durable and shock-resistant plastic often installed in stores and supermarkets.

Quality of the roller shutters matters a lot because the safety of your house or commercial premises must be secured. So, before you decide to install the roller shutters, consider a better quality like metal installations.

Electrically Operated or Manually Operated

People in Sydney prefer roller shutters because they save up to 20% of energy consumption. The reason being you can roll up the shutters in summer to keep the room fresh. And in winters, you can keep the shutters down to keep the indoor temperature warm. This way, roller shutters offer excellent insulation facilities.

So, you don’t have to regularly use a cooling or heating appliance, which helps in cutting your electricity bills. But if you install an electrically operated roller shutter, it will offer you convenience and not hike your electricity bill. Manually operated roller shutters are also the best, but you have to use physical power to roll them.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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