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Excellent movies by black filmmakers you must watch on Netflix

The black lives matter protest has shifted focus to blacks residing in America. The Americans have pledged to celebrate the black lives and accept them as a part of their community. With so much going on in the world and black finally being accepted and appreciated we thought of talking about some movies that have been made by black filmmakers. Netflix has launched and aired a lot of movies and TV series that are directed and produced by blacks. Let’s take a look at some of the best movies that you can binge-watch on Netflix.


Moonlight | Plot, Cast, Awards, & Facts | Britannica

Moonlight won the best picture a few years back and the film is still in the minds of many fans around the world. The film by Barry Jenkins is about black men’s masculinity, sexuality and vulnerability. The film focuses on a boy and his journey is covered in three parts. We see the main character growing from childhood to his teenage days and finally his adulthood. He lives in Miami and is often mistreated by people because they believe he is gay. He is also lashed because of his mother who is a drug addict. The movie focuses on the emotional turmoil that the young boy faces and how he matures and grows up to be a confident man.

Malcom X

Malcolm X | Netflix

The film has been directed by Spike Lee who is America’s most acclaimed filmmaker. The man has made some of the best movies in the past 35 years. The film follows the life of X who goes through a lot of changes in his life. He even converts to Islam which becomes a major challenge for him while living in America. Denzel Washington has given a phenomenal performance as X and he also was awarded prestigious awards for his brilliant performance. The three-hour-long film covers all the major parts of the politicians’ life.

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Dee Rees's “Mudbound”: A Shocking Story of Racism, Told in a ...

Mudbound is a period drama that was loved and appreciated by the fans when it was released. The story of the film focuses on the two World War II veterans and their life post the war. The movie focuses on black and white people realizing that they are similar to each other in many ways. The film has some of the best performances given by the actors. The actress of the movie Rachel Morrison who is playing the main lead also got nominated for the Oscars for her fantastic performance.

Homecoming: A film by Beyonce

Beyoncé's New Film 'Homecoming' Is Headed to Netflix | WIRED

Homecoming: A film by Beyonce is a film that celebrates black culture. Beyonce who is a popular singer filmed the concert movie for 1 hour and 45 minutes straight. The film was an asset for all the Beyonce fans because it had everything that the fans of Beyonce were waiting for. You can experience the joy of your favourite singer performing nonstop for 90 plus minutes and can enjoy her dance moves and powerful vocals.

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Uncorked is a Netflix original and was appreciated by the fans for its amazing storyline and brilliant performances. The film focuses on the life of Elijah who dreams of becoming a master sommelier. He is caught between his father’s wish and his dream and finds it hard to choose between the two. His father wants him to take over the family restaurant and he plans to take a different path in his life.

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