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Enako Net Worth, Age, Bio, Career, Achievements & More

Enako is a popular Japanese cosplay, singer, and voice actress. She is respected in Japan and other parts of Asia due to her hard work and talent. It didn’t take much time for her to make a mark in this industry even though there are many talented people around. Many of her fans were happy to know that she attended the Comiket festival in 2019. The event is one of the prominent Manga and anime events in Japan that enhanced her success even more. Here is more information about her personal and professional life.

Early Life and Bio

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Enako was born on January 22nd, 1994 in Japan. Since her childhood, she was interested in video games and anime. As her voice is sweet she thought it was fit for her to give her voice to some of the best animation movies and series. In 2015 she officially started her career and let her fans know that she will be doing all the special activities to impress fans. She is 24 years old currently and has impressed various fans since the beginning. Enako has impressed a lot of audiences and also revealed that 80% of her income comes from self merchandize.

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Since her entry into the Japanese industry, fans have adored Enako, and wherever she makes an appearance people gather to click her photos. The semi-annual Comiket convention in Tokyo has proven to be the most prominent event in her career. Due to her voice acting career, many fans have recognized her voice. The world’s largest fair is dedicated to one of the best animes and Manga-style artists.

She was honored to be a part of such an event and all the people had an interest surrounding her. Very few actors who are of her age have made a mark in the Japanese industry. When the summer Comiket wrapped up she also appeared on the TBS Ariyoshi Japan variety show. If this isn’t enough she has also got the chance to appear on TV in Tokyo’s Jikkuri Kiitarou Star Kinkyou (Hi) Houkoku talk show. Her character Hestia that she played in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon became very famous.

Net Worth and Merchandize

The total net worth of Enako happens to be around 30 million yen. Her earnings have been growing over the years and she is still young and inspirational. Enako revealed that she could easily sell copies of a 76-page photo album for 2,500 yen. At the event in Comiket, it increased a large portion of her money in her yearly income.

There are many other items available that included a 50-page photo booklet for 2,000 yen. The exclusive Comiket collection of sets also includes many books. The 26-page Christmas photo book and the original bag owned by her were sold for 6,000 yen. Her level of fortune is increasing and it will be happening till the time she is in the industry. The gorgeous Japanese cosplayer can easily earn $2000 by flaunting her looks and dresses with her good looks.

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