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Dying Light 2 Release Date, Platforms And All Updates About This Game

Dying light 2 is going to come out soon and fans of the game can’t contain their excitement. The first installment of the game that was launched in 2018 was a big success. With this installment we are hoping to get a high dose of zombie slaying and an action packed gameplay. Since the Dying Light 1 is still quite successful among gamers around the world the part 2 coming out weren’t surprising at all. This installment is going to have a content which is 100 hours long and 15 -20 hour campaigns. If you are one of the fans of the game you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to unravel all the details about the upcoming game.

Dying Light 2 takes place 15 years after the first game

The Techland has designed the set up of the 2nd installment to be 15 years later than the first game. In this version, humanity is at a disadvantage and are likely of killing itself and monsters are surrounded all over them to attack them. The zombie apocalypse has taken the humanity back to the dark ages and humans seem to be helpless.

Who you are going to play as is still not clear but the popular actor Troy Baker who has done the voiceovers for the trailer has hinted that the main protagonist of Dying Light 2 will be more charismatic and powerful than the first installment.

The Dying Light 2 GamePlay is a sight to behold

The dying Light 2 is going to have a scenic and more clearly set up. The Techland has shown a long preview of the game where we can see that the colors are more visible and the skylines are more clearly drawn. The combat mechanics look so much real and better than the first game. The game looks so real and it seems like you are actually there and playing it live. This part is surely going to surpass the success of the first game.

Dying Light 2 Concept

The game surely cannot be without the walking dead and roaming corpses. This is where the essence of the game lies and this is how it becomes scary and challenging for the game lovers. The thrill and action are intact in this part as well and the main protagonist played by you has to fight with the zombies to save humanity. The visuals are great this time around so you are in for a treat. The concept is going to focus on the zombies and how they became so dangerous.

The zombies in the game get affected by a virus and they become dangerous and turn into zombies. They cannot face the sun and they need to avoid it at all costs. The zombies are a threat to humans and they can bite or eat up humans. Sun is the zombies enemy and if they stay under the sun for a long time they get weak and are not able to cause any harm to the humans.

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When is the game going to release?

Your favorite game is going to come out in Spring 2020 so the wait isn’t too long for you now. You can play the first part and warm-up for the 2nd part. The game was planned to be launched in 2019 but due to some technical problems, it was pushed ahead to 2020. If everything stays in the process the game is expected to be out in March 2020 but it can be pushed to June as well if Techland has problems releasing it in March.

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