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Dual Universe: Release Date 2020, Gameplay, Trailer and All Update

Dual Universe is a multiple player online game based on space adventures. The game offers a sandbox design where you can change the design and environment of the game according to your desire. Based on your creativity you can create a new backdrop and make the game even more visually appealing. The developers of the game are based in Paris and the name of the company is Novaquark.

Dual Universe has adopted different methods and strategies from various online games so if you have been a professional gamer for years then Dual Universe would be easy to play for you. The game has interesting gameplay where you can play the game with other players online and get into a war zone where you have to beat your competitors in the game.

The multiplayer access is easy and convenient and two players can play against each other. If you play with another player this would help you to beat the levels at a fast speed and also reduces time delay.

Dual Universe Gameplay

Dual Universe is based in the year 2027 where the neutron stars have been discovered on the solar system of the earth. The scientists of the space have been working and looking for a place other than earth to inhabit. They have been trying to find planets other than earth that allow humans to reside. Ark ships are created by scientists to carry human beings and other bulky materials to help them move to another planet. The first-ever ark ship developed is set out in the galaxy to look for planets where humans can live.

When the ark ships reach their destination the neutron star destroys the solar system of the earth. The game has developed using new and innovative technologies and as a result, you are given the opportunity to enjoy an ultimate gaming experience. The good news is that you will have the chance to interact with players from different parts of the world.

The gaming industry has evolved and technologies like Artificial intelligence and Machine learning have become a major part of game development. The game development companies have to make changes and updates regularly based on user feedback. Players are given the chance to create and develop their own objects and also create an environment based on their creativity. The objects can be customized according to your preference and you can create weapons and structure the way you like it. You can also create a space station that can be extended later to transform into a planet.

Dual Universe Trailer

The official trailer of the Dual Universe has been released recently. The game shows us the snippets of the game and gives us a clue about the thrill and action we will be experiencing. The fans expectations have risen after watching the trailer because the makers have made the trailer very impressive.

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When is dual Universe Release Date?

Dual Universe is going to launch on 24th October 2020. The major development and the production of the game have already been completed and the game is almost ready to get launched. Earlier there were plans of releasing the alpha version of the game but that plan later got canceled and now the full version of the game will be releasing. You can enjoy playing the game in various gaming consoles. There are many rumors surrounding the internet regarding the release date and the gameplay of the Dual Universe.

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