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Drew Brees Net Worth, Bio, College Football Career, NFL Career And More

Drew Brees is a professional quarterback from America. He is an NFL player and has established himself as one of the most famous and well-known quarterbacks in the NFL. He plays for New Orleans Saints and is the leading quarterback player in the league. Many people feel that Brees is the best passers the world has ever seen, while some feel that he is the best quarterback of all time.

Early Life

Drew Christopher Brees was born on January 15th of 1979 in Dallas, Texas. Drew has a brother, and his parents separated when he was just seven. He has a close relationship with his brother and both helped each other to deal with their emotions.

Brees started playing football during high school. He was also interested in playing basketball. He suffered from a serious knee injury and became a quarterback for his high school team.

College Football

He performed well as a quarterback during his high school years. Drew learned football from coach Joe Tiller and he trained his unorthodox way of playing football. Brees played against higher-rated teams and helped his team in the victory against Ohio State. Brees had a phenomenal college football career and won numerous awards and accolades. Brees graduated with a degree in industrial management.

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NFL Career


Drew set exemplary records at college and that helped him enter the NFL. He was selected by the San Diego Chargers for the first season. He replaced Flutie as the starting quarterback but he did not perform well that led the team to change their decision.

Brees revived his position as the starting quarterback in a match played against the Rivers. Brees won the “triple crown,” in 2011 and made records in the completion percentage, passing yards, and passing touchdowns. He also holds an NFL record for most passing yards in the same season.

Brees’ accomplishments exceeded his past records, but the Saints were not able to maintain their form. They returned to the field by winning the match after their defeat in 2013. Brees and the Saints established a solid record and maintained their position over the next few years.

The team however suffered a playoff defeat that got quite controversial. The match was against the Los Angeles Rams and a penalty was not given to them. Brees missed 8 weeks because he was suffering from a torn ligament in his hand.

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Salary and Net Worth

Drew has a net worth of $ 22milion. Drew earned $250 million from his salary. He has also signed many endorsement deals that have helped him earn $15 million per year. In 2005, Brees signed an, $8-million contract by the Chargers.

He signed a 6-year contract with the Saints which was worth $60-million. It included $22 million in bonuses. He signed a number of contracts that include the $100-million and a two-year, $50-million contract in 2018. Drew has approximately earned $50 million in salary, bonuses, and endorsements.

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