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Dragon Ball Super CG Value Watch: Vicious Rejuvenation Expectations in Jan. 2022

Dragon Ball Super Card Game is a dynamic hobby for all the gamers and collectors in the world. The value of cards is unpredictable and it is hard to predict what will be the value of a card in the future. The reliance on the playability of cards of the Pokémon TCG is very much unpredictable.  However, collectors have a lot of influence, and SCR cards are coming up with new and popular characters. The Pokemon TCG sometimes end up becoming break-out cards and we don’t know how a new card will turn out to be in 2022.

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game Value In 2022

Every month, an installment of this series, Dragon Ball Super CG Value Watch will release in 2022. This series is going to be fun and exciting and will help collectors to know about the trajectory of a card’s availability. The DBSCG completionists will get to know when to strike. The card’s value of Vicious Rejuvenation, which was released in January 2021, will be performing differently in January 2022.

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Top Valued Cards Of Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Top valued cards of Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Vicious Rejuvenation will have different market values this year. The card values of each card are as follow:

  • Supreme Kai of Time, Spacetime Unraveler SCR BT12-154: $232.92
  • Majin Buu, Incarnation of Demonic Evil SCR BT12-153: $97.17
  • Super Paikuhan, Might Manifested SCR BT12-152: $54.03
  • Piccolo Jr., Descendant of the King SPR BT12-004: $19.05
  • Piccolo Jr., Descendant of the King SR BT12-004: $15.65
  • SS3 Gogeta, Marvelous Might SPR BT12-136: $9.72
  • SS3 Gogeta, Marvelous Might SR BT12-136: $9.31
  • Frieza, Divine Transformation SR BT12-100: $8.32
  • Launch, the Pure-Hearted SR BT12-013: $8.32
  • Oceanus Shenron, the Anemancer SR BT12-113: $6.06

Dragon Ball Super Card Game Sets

This is another set that will be released for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game. The new sets will only support one huge chase card that will sustain the value. Supreme Kai of Time, Spacetime Unraveler will be known as the big “waifu” chases.

It is quite uncommon for DBSCG, which has a market that is driven by competitive cards. The iconic characters and Supreme Kai of Time will be a part of the expanded universe character which will make it a bit odd. The card retains such high value.

The Majin Buu SCR was once available for over $100. The value of the card will fall as time passes. There will be another Supreme Kai of Time SCR which will be coming out in March 2022. The Realm of the Gods set will be expected to release sometime soon too.

The Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta SCR will be dominating and is all set to be the major chase card. You can expect to get a new variety of card game sets. The Dragon Ball Super Card Game will release many new supersets and the fans of the game can expect to get many new and amazing card sets.

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