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Dragon Ball Fighter Z Latest Update 1.23: New Features and All You Need To Know

Arc System Works and Bandai Namco has revealed the new updates 1.23 of Dragon Ball Fighter Z. You will now be able to experience a thrilling and mind-boggling experience while playing the game. The new features include improved graphics and other technical upgrades that will make this game one of the most interesting games in the gaming world. If you are already familiar with Dragon Ball and have played it before then you must know that the game was already made using the latest technologies and now with more upgrades things seem to get even bigger and better. If you want more information about the latest developments of Dragon Ball Fighter to update 1.23 then read the post below because we have gathered some valuable information for you.

What are Dragon Ball Fighter Z Update 1.23 Patch notes?

There is an extensive range of downloadable content available for Dragon Ball and you will surely have a gala time playing the game with these new updates. If you have the base game then you will be able to have access to the new updates. Fighter Z pack 16 has all the latest additions and updates that you can download to make your game interesting and exciting.

Major changes that have been made in Dragon Ball Fighter Z are as follows:

  • Players are now able to add at least 3 friends from their follow list. They must add friends to their favorite list in order to play with them
  • When the players are added to the favorite list you will be able to have access to their personal information such as the country they belong to and the duration they have been on this platform
  • The viewing of this additional information is only possible if the player is online and he has made his private information public otherwise it might not be possible

What are the changes made to the Player card?

  • The player will now have full control over their player Card. It will be up to them to decide the way they want to show their player card to the VS team.
  • The Player card has come up with a lot of added information

What are the new features added to the shop?

  • You can now buy various kinds of previous coins from the in-game shop
  • The player registration category helps you to find the expressions of the player that have been used by the player often
  • The players now have the opportunity to preset the messages and send messaged outside their lobby
  • New special rules are added to the Gameplay
  • Players will now be able to engage in quick matches

What is Dragon Ball Fighter Z all about?

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a game that has been developed by leading gaming manufacturers Arc System Works and Bandai Namco. The game is fun and exciting and can be very addictive at times.

  • You become powerful and end up having no limits
  • The anime graphics are high end
  • The fights in the game are spectacular and mind-blasting
  • You must have a competitive nature if you want to win the battle
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