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Dr.Stone Chapter 150: Updates, Release Date and Everything You Need To Know

Senku and his teammates have arrived in America and are going to revive the scientific world. New chapters are coming out every week and soon the fans will be getting another chapter. If you are curious about what has been recently going on in the recent chapters of Dr.Stone then this post might be beneficial for you. Dr. Stone 150 will be coming out soon and if you are curious about the release date then this post is the right place for you. There are no new spoilers about Chapter 150 and the fans are waiting impatiently for the next chapter to be released. We will update you on all the new updates about Chapter 150 as soon as we get them. You can visit our site for the latest updates about the chapters of Dr.Stone.

Recap of Dr.Stone chapter 149

In chapter 149, we saw that Senku comes to know about the cornfield and the kingdom of science was having an intense discussion about it. Tsukasa and Matsukaze had doubtful feelings about some major issue and they can’t stop discussing it. Kohaku keeps on questioning if it is a beast but Ginro is not at all worried about all these happenings. He thinks he is strong enough. Tsukasa has finally realized that the smoke is coming out of a gun. Hyoga is one interesting character and he is interested in finding corn easily. They plan to lure the enemy in the cornfield which can help them do anything.

Tsukasa is a very bold character who takes the boat and moves into the cornfield in the middle of the night. Ukyo is innocent and he becomes afraid while listening to the gunshots. The gunshots will only stop when Ryusui when the group enters with the help of the boats and will run away from the scene. They all will run away and reach a distance that is safe. Gen and Yo are writing down what is happening during all these scenes and they are wondering if America will manage to survive or not. Tsukasa will handle the dangerous situation and help other people survive. According to Senku is thankful to others for helping all the people in the boat survive. Senku is a scientist and he has been working hard constantly to bring innovation in the scientific field. He won’t like to lose the following field and wouldn’t like others to become a scientist as he believes he can manage it very well.

When is Dr.Stone Chapter 150 releasing?

Dr. Stone Chapter 150 will release on 17th May 2020. The manga series releases chapters every week and follows the weekly schedule. The last chapter was released on 10th May 2020 and Chapter 150 released on Sunday. If you are curious about the latest updates of Dr. Stone then make sure to visit our site for any new updates.

The latest chapters of Dr.Stone are released on Shueisha’s Manga plus platforms. They also release on Viz media and are available online as soon as the chapter is released officially. The raw scans of the chapters are released 2 to 3 days before the official release of the chapters. We recommend you to read the digital copies from the official platforms and applications.

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