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Don’t Think Twice, Love is Alright: Release Date, Plot, Cast and All You Need To Know

Don’t Think Twice, Love is Alright is a Chinese drama that has become popular worldwide. The real name of the drama is Ai Wo Jiu Bie Xiang Tai Duo. The drama airs on weekdays and releases new episodes every week. The fans get new episodes every Monday to Sunday. The Chinese drama releases 10 episodes every week.

Chinese dramas have become popular because they have interesting and intriguing plots. In this post, we will be talking about all the latest developments in the drama. The fans of the show can get to know about the plot, cast, release date of new episodes, and other details about it. Read on to know more details.

What the plot is of Don’t Think Twice, Love is Alright?


The plot of Don’t Think Twice, Love is Alright is a story about a Chairman who is worth billions of money. he wants to find true love in his life because he believes that women are after him for money. He gets to meet a young and aspiring designer. The couple has a big age difference and the Chairman is way too old for the designer.

They fall n love with each other and the couple ends up getting married despite the age difference. The Chairman disguises himself as an ordinary man and doesn’t reveal his true identity to the girl. The young designer finds out after marriage that her husband is a billionaire. She gets angry and upset because of the lie and decides to get a divorce from him.

The couple faces some issues and they have to stay married forcibly for several months. What made them pretend like a married couple? Will they end up together? Will the designer forgive the Chairman? If you want to find the answers to that you can tune into the weekly episodes of the drama.

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Who is in the cast of Don’t Think Twice, Love is Alright?


The cast of Don’t Think Twice, Love is Alright includes many renowned Chinese actors and actresses. The following are the actors that play important characters in the drama.

  • Chen Jian Bin
  • Li Yi Tong
  • Pan Yue Ming
  • Xu Wen Guang
  • Kong Song Jin
  • Cao Ran Ran
  • Zhou Zhi
  • Miao Yun Tong
  • Wang Lue Tao
  • Wang Zi Yu

How is the audience response to Don’t Think Twice, Love is Alright?

Don’t Think Twice, Love is Alright has high ratings and the audience is also loving the show. The fans are in love with the lead couple and want them to get back together. The makers have worked hard to create a passionate relationship between the lead couple. The chemistry between the actors is amazing and every time they appear on screen together the fans cannot stop praising them. The drama is still going on and people are hoping for the second season of the show already. There is no official confirmation about the second season as yet.

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What the release date of episode 11 and 12 is of Don’t Think Twice, Love is Alright?

Don’t Think Twice, Love is Alright Episode 11 and 12 will release on 30th June 2020. Two episodes are released and once the first episode ends the Chinese TV channel airs the second episode. You can catch the latest episodes on the channel it gets broadcasted and if you are an online viewer you can catch the episodes with English subtitles on dramacool and

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