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Donovan Mitchell Net Worth, Career, Earnings, Personal Life And More Details

Donovan Mitchell is playing for NBA for the third season only, and he is already an established player. He achieved great scorers in the league at the age of 23. Mitchell average of 20 points and has performed well in the first three professional seasons of the show. His performance is only getting better and his net worth is increasing with each passing day.

Net Worth

Donovan Mitchell has an estimated net worth of $20 million. He is an American professional basketball player and has earned money and success by playing basketball professionally. He is best known for playing with the team Utah Jazz.

Mitchell is one of the youngest NBA players who has achieved a net worth in millions.  His rookie deal will be ending after the 2020-21 season and we can expect him to become a very rich man afterward. Mitchell has already earned a lot by being a rookie NBA player. If Mitchell signs a max extension with the Jazz, then his net worth will be close to $150 million in the coming five years.

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Career Details


Mitchell made a mark in the NBA earlier than expected. He was drafted by the Utah Jazz and was the 13th pick in 2017.  Mitchell made an entry in the NBA scene and scored around 20.5 points as a rookie.

Mitchell has raised his game points by playing each game and has raised them to 23.8 and 24.0 this year. He has improved in the scoring department and has increased his rebounds in every season he has played as a pro.

Mitchell took his game to the next level. The Jazz superstar has a phenomenal average of 39.5 points in every game. Mitchell is one of the youngest and brightest stars so far, and he happens to be one of the most prominent players on his team.

Mitchell exceeded the expectations of people and took off an outstanding start to his NBA career. He is one of the most impressive players in the entire draft class.


Donovan Mitchell was born in Elmsford, New York in September 1996. He is 6’1″ tall and plays as a shooting guard. He went to Canterbury School and Brewster Academy and also played college basketball for Louisville. He was hired for the Denver Nuggets in the 2017 NBA Draft and was later traded to Utah Jazz. Donovan Mitchell became a part of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion and made it to the NBA All-Rookie First Team in the same year. He earned a lot of success during the first three NBA seasons and averaged 22.7 points per game.

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Contracts and Earnings

Mitchell played the first three seasons in the NBA and earned a massive $9 million in salary. In November 2020 he got the chance to sign a five-year deal of $163 million with a team of NBA. He also signed a contract extension with the team Utah Jazz. The contract that he has signed is worth $195.6 million and can also increase depending on his performance milestones.

  • Basketballer – Utah Jazz (NBA) – United States
  • Born: 1996, New York, US
  • Annual: $6,644,033.00
  • Monthly: $553,669.42
  • Weekly: $127,769.87
  • Daily: $25,553.97
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