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Dead To Me Season 2 Cast, Spoilers & All Updates

Dead to me is an American hit television series that is based on the Black comedy genre. The first season of the show has managed to get a lot of attention from viewers. Not only fans but the critics have also given this series thumbs up. The creator of the series is Liz Feldman and he has given a lot of focus on dark/black comedy. The series has completed 20 episodes with success and the rating it has received from various critics is another feather in the cap. When the first season got so successful a new season was suddenly announced and this made fans really happy. In this post, we will discuss the cast, spoilers, and all the latest updates on Dead to me Season 2.

When did Dead to me Season 2 renewed?

Dead to me season 2 was renewed on 22nd July 2019 itself. The first season got overwhelming success due to which the producer decided to excite fans with a new season. Usually, whenever a series comes out with a new season there is a lot of analysis taken into consideration. The news of leak and the speculation on the story and cast also started floating around on the internet. There will be a total of 10 episodes in the second season and every episode will be very interesting and entertaining. Although it is black comedy there are other important elements like love, romance, and thrill.

The plot of Dead to me Season 2

Dead to me is all about blooming friendship between Jen and Judy. They both are unhappy with their spouses and meet through a therapy group. The series revolves around their discussions and how they deal with the sad breakups. Initially, we start believing that maybe their husbands have broken up but the real reason is revealed that both their husbands have died. Jen’s husband dies because of a hit and run case while Judy explains that her fiancé died of a heart attack. A total of 10 episodes are going to be very entertaining and you can enjoy the show if you like dark comedies.

Who is in the cast of Dead to me Season 2?

We are sure that almost everyone must have watched season 2 but if you haven’t then this information will be useful. Most of the cast members that are a part of season one will be making a comeback in the new season. There may be some new additions in the cast and you can enjoy each performance with great ease. You will be excited to know that there are many guest appearances from your favorite actors.

  • Linda Cardellini
  • Max Jenkins
  • Sam McCarthy
  • Luke Roessler
  • Natalie Morales
  • Diana-Maria Riva
  • Brandon Scott
  • James Marsden

 What is Dead to me Season 2 Release date

Dead to me season 2 was recently released on 8th May 2020. Earlier there was news that the series might get delayed due to various reasons. However, it was finally released on 8th May. People who have already watched the series are happy to find out how entertaining it is. Some are already talking about the good performance of leads while others are discussing other important elements. The series is available for live streaming on Netflix.

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