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David Makes Man Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast & All You Need To Know

David Makes man is a popular series that will be releasing on the Oprah Winfrey network very soon. Nowadays a lot of exciting updates are coming from the makers and everyone is talking about it on social media too. According to the latest update, ten new actors have joined the cast. Some of them will play key roles while others are going to be supporting cast members. Now we will discuss all David Makes Man’s new season.

What is the plot of David Makes man season 2?

david makes man 2

The second season of David makes man will revolve around the life of David. It will focus on his life details and his business success in the age of his thirties. The show gives a very good message to everyone and that is why people of all ages are loving it. As the story progresses he will be given a good opportunity that will change his life forever. In short, he will be in a fix as to what needs to be done. At one point he is given a life-changing path and on the other side, the tried and tested path is there for him. The plot is very refreshing and it deals with real-life situations beautifully.

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Who is in the cast of David makes man season 2?

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As we already discussed above that ten new cast members have been introduced in the series. Some old cast members will be seen reprising their roles once again. It seems that new characters are introduced to add a lot of spice and fun elements into the show. Tony will be playing a real estate developer and he will have a love story of his own. Brittany will be seen as Nicole who is an architect and playing the love interest of David. All will be hoping that the new actors can do justice to their characters. Here are the names of all cast members below.

  • Kwame Patterson
  • Tony Plana
  • S. Hall
  • Erica Lutrell
  • Zsanè Jhè
  • Bobbi Baker
  • Patrice Arenas
  • Trinity Cidel
  • Brandi Huzzie
  • Rodney Gardiner
  • Janmarco Santiago

In addition to all these powerful actors, you will be happy to know who the director will be. The award-winning director Kiel Adrian Scott will be coming to grace five new episodes of this season.

When will David Makes Man Season 2 release?

If you have watched season one of David makes the man you will be interested to catch up with season two. The first season of David makes man had a beautiful story to tell and viewers loved it. David is a 14-year-old boy and his mother also relies on his geniuses and intelligence to gain success. They are a poor family and want to get rid of this cycle. Things take a drastic turn when his friend was dead and he has to choose a different path for his success. The direction of the show is particularly good and it feels real and authentic. You can watch the series, enjoy and take some life lessons too!

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