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Damon Dash Net Worth, Biography, Career & All You Need To Know

Damon Dash is an American record producer, entrepreneur, and music executive. He started his music career being a partner of Jay-Z who became a billionaire while he lagged behind. He is going through a lot of financial issues in recent years but still working hard to make a mark in music. The worst part is that he is not able to pay the child support as most of the money has been taken away by creditors. We will discuss his financial, professional, and personal life so let’s get started.

Early life

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Damon Dash was born on May 3rd, 1971 in New York. He attended private schools and learned music from a very young age. He always used to be inspired by different musicians and wanted to become a successful one. Damon had a very decent background and his parents are very close to him. As a teenager, his family was going through a lot of financial issues and he used to sweep floors and do such similar jobs to earn some money for him. He started learning music at home too as his mother helped him a lot. Unfortunately, she died when he was only 15 years old. He was fond of wearing branded t-shirts so through his jobs he earned money to buy some.


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Demon Dash and Jay-z started out with their own music company and made music. Roc-A-Fella –Records started very well and being Jay-Z’s partner helped him earn $19 million. He was working as a manager for him and organized tours. The relationship between them went sour and things were not going well for the record company as it was purchased by Def Jam.

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Damon Dash has been into some relationships while some were serious too. He has been in a serious relationship with the hit R and B singer Aaliyah till 2000. Unfortunately, she died in 2001 in a plane crash. They were not engaged but the couple was planning to get married as he had stated in many interviews. Damon later got married to Rachel Roy for a few years and they have two daughters together. The divorce created a lot of issues and he couldn’t even pay for the child support. He was also blessed with another son after the two daughters were born.

Other ventures and financial problems

He was an executive producer and that made his entry into the music scene rather opened up many other branches where he could enjoy success. His clothing like rock wear was a hit brand and he earned a lot of money from it. He also started out film production, marketing, and merchandise. Unfortunately, he got into some debts and the creditors took away most of the money. He didn’t pay much of taxes so had to fulfill his duty as a citizen too. When he paid about $4.14 million for taxes he got into many financial problems.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Damon dash is estimated to be $10 thousand and he is not one of the richest musicians in the industry. He has been trying hard to get out of the financial issues and even if the record company isn’t doing well he is earning a good amount from this clothing line.

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