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Connie Kline Net Worth, Bio, Age, Relationships & More

Connie Kline is a popular US veteran, tax guru and a spiritual soul. She loves all the beautiful things in the world. Many people known her as the mother of popular media personality Corinne Foxx. She is the ex-girlfriend of Jamie Foxx.  Despite being a famous mother and wife of talented personalities she tries to lead a private life. If you want to know more about Connie here are some details about her life.

Early Life and Bio

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Connie was born on 26 March 1969 in California, United States. She holds American nationality. Her star sign is Capricorn.  She completed her education from a prominent university in California. When it comes to her age she is 52 years old currently. Her height is 5 feet and six inches.

Married life and Kids

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Connie Kline was romantically linked with popular star Jamie Foxx in 1993.  After a year the couple got blessed with their first child Corinne Marie Bishop. In 1994 they welcomed a baby daughter named Corinne Foxx. Even after having a child their relationship was turning sour. They had kept this marriage hidden from the media for about 22 years.

The couple was first pictured together in 2016. They both purchased a 5000 square feet piece of property. It is located outside Los Angeles with a whopping $500,000. However the shocking thing is that the property was listed under the name of their lawyer Nina Shaw. It was a way to cover up their relationship from media.

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Career and Lifestyle

Connie Klein is a veteran who has served in the United States air force for 5 long years. She served in the United States Air Force for 5 years as a US Veteran. Her daughter is also inspired with the way her mother is leading her life. She is an epitome of strength and endurance. After spending five years in the Air Force she started her career as a tax professional. Currently she is the owner of CK Financial of Simi Valley, California. She is working hard to prepare all levels of the IRS and tax court as holds a license for it. Due to this certification she is preparing taxes in 50 states. She is efficient in her work and is also involved with charity organizations.

Net Worth

Connie is currently working as a professional Enrolled Agent. Due to this profession she has earned a big amount of money. Her exact earnings are not known yet. However her daughter has collected a net worth of $11 million along with $150 million from her ex-partner. Connie leads a private and lavish life with all the necessities. She also owns an expensive property in California.

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